Cyberbullies By: Aidan knight

4000 teens kill themselves a year based on cyber bullying. This is NOT okay.

Cyber bullying can be any type of mean messages online, Weather that be a direct message on Instagram or a sub tweet on twitter.

What You say online will stick with you forever.

Many Cyberbullies do not realize this, but if you bully someone to death,(suicide) then you can face criminal charges. Police in St. Petersburg, Florida, have arrested a 15-year-old girl who they say sent several hundred threatening texts to three other 15-year-old girls. This goes to show that anyone can be a cyber bully and anyone can be arrested for it.

Too many people dont think before they post. So in the future be careful about what you say on social media, because what you think is funny now wont be funny when it costs you a job in the future.


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