World War II Japanese Internment

By: Lauren Porter

Should the government have placed Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast in internment camps?
Cons: 2/3 of of the Japanese put into these camps were American citizens and under this act were placed into camps. These camps limited the freedoms immensely and were not a welcoming place. The restriction of freedom in turn lead to the 14 amendment to be drafted.The people were put their out of fear.
Pros: The camps helped the scare and prevention of a scare with the American people. It also helped to control and prevent any Japanese even though citizens, not join the military effort of the Japanese due to that it was their culture and race.
Personal Opinion
During this time period, it is an understandable reaction to place the Japanese and their descendants into these camps even though they were not the most comfortable camps. However, the way they were treated as prisoners was unacceptable.


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