4) Futuremaker Learning to create a FutureMaker video

Learning that we need to create this has raised my anxieties. I am very nervous about coming up with something cool, entertaining, and that I can actually do. There is a lot of details in the directions that are quite important making me more nervous obviously. I am going to have to ask for some input from friends and family and can maybe acquire some great ideas that I can incorporate or adapt into my own creative idea.


I have to find the way and strength to beat my fear over this project into a positive push towards the right direction of finding the right accents and things to include in this video. My life has been full of adventurous stories and experiences that have kept me busy for nearly 30 years in customer service gaining knowledge in what works well and doesn't work so well. I started at Mid-State to change my future from feeling like a failure into feeling successful. I should be able to come up with enough to cover my reason for changing my dead-end future into the encouragement to start on the path to changing me into a strong minded woman and on the new path to a FutureMaker!

Success and failure
Created By
Lisa Schwechel


Created with images by Cea. - "[ R ] Ed Ruscha - The Future (2012)" • Wokandapix - "anxiety fear stress" • Wokandapix - "fear anxiety emotion" • Paul Keller - "SUCCESSFULLFAILURE (opening of Dutch Identity at de Paviljoens in Almere)" • Alexas_Fotos - "target arrive reach" • ummzakariyya - "success sand sea" Pictures in Futuremaker video are mine. **PLEASE DO NOT COPY

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