Music by: Jovany, chris p, Kevin C

Music is a symbol of greatness towards our group. It affects each and everyone of us in this universe bringing joy, excitement, sadness, or simply a chill mood. Music isn't just for listening, infact it can tell a story from beginning to end or music can improve and individuals test growth.

Here we can see that Music can seriously improve test scores. The different genre of music affects each person in a different way and its up to you to find out what it is. :)
Can You Guess This Rapper?

Most of the time, rappers are easily identified because of the popularity that they have. Quickly grossed rappers are usually getting way more attention than other rappers that have had time to make it big.

¨DRZZY¨ DRAKE: Drake has been around since the growth of rap, infact he has accuminlated many awards and Grammys, that has made him even more popular.

Cheif Keef: He became popular during a teenager and grossed incredibly. Love Sosa was a poluar song that we all enjoy to hear.

Music is symbolic to jamming out and joy. We depict music not only to hear it but to also feel it inside our mindset that will calm us out and improve our character. These different Genres of music amplify our culture and make us a better person by the day.

Playlist For Bettering your Grades Schools, According to Studies Proven.

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