Smallpox By: MIa Lapiere

The Life Changing Disease

Smallpox is a very stable virus and can live in most environments.
Did you know smallpox virus can live on bedding for a long as a week!
Smallpox is spread by inhaling mucus or saliva from an infected individual, within a few days, body rashes will appear and quickly develop into pus-filled blisters.
Up to thirty percent of smallpox's victims die but seventy percent might experience blindness, pneumonia, or kidney disease.
Smallpox had the biggest impact on the conquest of North America.

How did Smallpox impact the population?

Between the 15th and 19th century eighty-million died of smallpox around the world. In some Native American tribes up to 90% die of smallpox. Can you believe that the Iroquois Nation went from a population of 20,000 to 10,000!
The Europeans benefited over the Native Americans because they were aware of this disease and managed to sometimes take control over smallpox. Once, the British were rumored to give a smallpox disease infested blanket to Native Americans

Did Smallpox impact the diseases?

Smallpox was once the world's most feared disease, it was so contagious that it killed more than eighty-million people around the world.

After millions of European deaths, some got immune and now use it as a germ warfare against other countries or the Native Americans.

How is smallpox today in the United States?

The last case of smallpox was diagnosed on October 26, 1977. There is now a smallpox vaccine but is rarely used, smallpox is now known as a "dead" disease.

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