Graphic Design Projects By Charly Hernandez

Rubik's Cube Project

In the image below I created a Rubik's cube. When I started to create the cube I would have to make equal side squares and length. After that I would make the object 3-D and develop a pattern to put all three sides. Then, I started to added color to all the squares but the hardest part of the project was adding a curve effect on all the sides of the cube I would have to do use the pin tool to add curves to the cube. Then I would add a shadow and I was done. At first I created it for the fun of it. After I had finished I would show it to my cousin that needed the cube as a logo for his Rubik's cube club. So I tweaked it to make more appealing to people and I also added a background to finish the final piece. I created this Project on adobe Illustrator.

The Gameboy Project

Another project for a client that I created was the Gameboy. The Gameboy was a struggle in the beginning because I would start off by building the base of the Gameboy and creating the screen and the side of the Gameboy. I would add a reflection to the Gameboy to make even more real. I would also add the buttons to the Gameboy and the speaker of the device. The hardest part was adding all the detail by using the lines, shapes, and the pin tool. I would change my view by adding a simple background and shadow underneath the Gameboy to give a more appealing look to the Gameboy. I created this Project on adobe Illustrator.

Rubik's Cube Collage Project

This Project is a collage of multiple Rubik's cube in a background image. In the beginning I created ten different colored cubes by using the hue/saturation adjustment tool. Then I found a background that had a good design. After I would mask the cubes and put in different places and changed the size of the cubes. After finishing wanted to add something to it, so I added a filter from the filter gallery. This project was pretty fast and simple because I already made the cube and all I needed to do was add more details. I learned that there is a filter gallery to completely change the image. I used Photoshop to create this project.

The Text Effect Lego Project

This is my text effect project. It was hard and it took a long time to finish. So at first I had to create the Lego Block from scratch. Then after I had to create the letter of the word "Create" with the block. I would use a tool that could duplicate the block and move the duplicated blocks to the left, right, up, and down. Then I worked on removing some of the blocks to make up the words. Then I added three different layers with its own color and I added shadows on the inside and outside of the letters. After making 865 layers the program would lag which took even longer. But I mange to pull through. I created this project by using Photoshop.

The Batman Symbol Project

This is my Batman logo Project. I wanted to create a logo from a superhero, so I choose the batman symbol. At first I had to create the bat symbol by using the shape and the pathfinder tool. Then I would add lots of details to the symbol. I used multiple color layers and strokes. I also added styles to the color and gradients to add amazing effects on the symbol. In the end it turned out great and I think this my favorite project I made. I used Illustrator to create the Batman logo.

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