Pershing Raid into Mexico March 14, 1916- February 7, 1917

Also known as, the pancho villa expedition, this was a military operation of the U.S. against the Mexican revolutionary forces.

This expedition occurred during the Mexican revolution, from March 14, 1916- February 7, 1917

During the border wars with Mexico, the Mexican army attacked the town of columbus Ohio, so John J. Pershing gathered troops for a redemption expedition.

The objective of the raid was to capture Pancho Villa, the Mexican leader in charge of the attack on columbus Ohio.

Although defeating most of Villa's command responsible for the raid in columbus, the objective was not complete as Pancho Villa eluded U.S. Capture.

For about the next year, Villa was running from the U.S. troops as they scoured Mexico looking to capture him. President wilson also hired 150,000 national guards to secure the U.S.- Mexico border so he couldn't escape. Eventually, the U.S. left Mexico taking it as a win.

The U.S. lost 15 soldiers with about 28 wounded, while the Mexican army lost 170 soldiers with more than 115 wounded.

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