Micheal Vey book 4: Hunt For Jade Dragon book review By: Marshall.MMS

Think of yourself running away from an army. Think about yourself hiding from Elgen the bad guys. well this is what happened to Michael Vey. This book is Michael Vey book 4 Hunt for Jade Dragon written by Richard Paul Evans. Michael Vey and his friends are going to save a 9 year-old girl named Jade Dragon. They need to save her because she knows how to fix M.E.I, the machine that created the electric children. My favorite part or the climax is when the Electroclan is saving Jade Dragon. That part was a nail-bitter. I was on the tip of my seat when reading that part. The emotion in my body and mind were going crazy! The life lesson in the book is from a quote that Michael's mom said, “ things will always changed,” which means that everything will not stay the same

The greatest value in the book is the balance of the action, talking, love, sadness, and suspense. That is why the book and the series is splendid. So if you like action, love, talking, sadness, and suspense this is your kind of book. Guess what! There is a whole series of Michael Vey. So you can not just read one book, you can read six books of Michael Vey. Now after I told you this, do you think it is hard to be in Michael Vey shoes. When I finished the book I was so excited to read the next one Michael Vey book 5 Storm Of Lightning Written by Richard Paul Evans.

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