Timber & Sons REsort and Ranch

Our story so far, in as few words as possible...

Jamie Hunter and Paul Wechselberger have been adventuring together in the Kootenay Boundary area and Lower Similkameen wilderness since 2014. They are two very different individuals with extremely different skills sets who generate a tremendous amount of horse power when put together. At first the two were connected to the land by hunting and fishing. But as they grew as friends and as individuals Paul and Jamie started to expand their interest and influence in the Boundary Country and surrounding area.

Local government, public health, youth engagement, employment, range management, industry, timber, game populations, and the local economy quickly became areas of interest for Paul and Jamie as they stated to bring their areas of expertise to the region. At a 2016 weekend in Tofino at Canadian celebrity Sarah Maclachlan's house, while surrounded by the West Coast of Canada and America's rich and famous, Paul and Jamie realized their experiences in the Boundary was the stuff made of legend to more than just the average guy.

Timber and Sons Wild Adventures was born that summer when the Sons led , among a handful of clients, two National Geographic Photographer friends of Sarah up the Ashnola Mountain Range to explore the untamed land they had spent years (or lifetime) hunting and fishing. The business plan was simple. Guide high end "glamping" tours to millionaires to see will country, bear, deer, elk, eagles, and moose in luxurious accommodations. The vision was to get paid to do what they love: be in the outdoors and tell their stories.

Some of the photos from the Nat Geo photographer.

Preparations for the second year of guiding started in Fall 2016 with the launch of the Timber and Sons Website, Facebook, and Instagram account. Jamie visited LA to network his connections in Beverly Hills for 2017 trips. The instagram account grew to 8500 followers and created leads for trips solidified in Spring 2017. As the snow melted this spring Timber and Sons began to accumulate equipment and gear up for the summer season. The entire time Paul and Jamie have been looking for the perfect property to purchase to create a home base for their trips and begin to develop a resort for their high end clients. In April 2017 they found it and will stake their futures on that perfect property to develop into a glamping resort and ranch in the last wild country in Southern British Columbia.

Timber & Sons Resort and Ranch Profile

Timber and Sons is raising capital to purchase a 300 acre portion of a 650 acre property or the entire property on Ingram Mountain in the Kootenay Boundary District. This property is located roughly 1 hour away from Osoyoos and 15 minutes off Highway 3. This ranch is a geographically diverse property with scenic views of the Kettle River and untouched hills. The property's wide open fields and 100 year old homesteads occupy the last good country for mule deer in Southern BC. Timber and Sons Resort and Ranch will be developed in the short term into a glamping resort and ranch. The primary and secondary sources of revenue will be tourism and agriculture.

TImber and Sons glamping was originally aimed at high end clients willing to spend $5000 to $10,000 a weekend for an exclusive trip of a lifetime in the BC wilderness. While each trip brings in good cash flow there are limitations due to complicated logistics of running a luxurious operation in the middle of nowhere. By purchasing this property our team can run high end glamping trips out of a homebase on the ranch that backs onto crown land. With property we can offer higher volume middle price point glamping experience on the lower part of the ranch. In year one we will place 10 to 20 glamping tents on the lower portion of the property which could conservatively generate around $100,000 in a summer. Competition across BC is roughly $150 to $200 per night and campsites overflow during the summer in the region. The ranch is located on the historic Kettle Valley Railroad and is a popular destination for cyclists to visit in the spring and summer along with tourists camping up and down the valley. Highway 3 has an average of 3000 vehicles traveling the highway during the summer, about twice as many as during the off season. Very little infrastructure exists to capitalize on niche of tourism beyond simple campsites and motels.

Forestry has been the main industry of the Boundary region until recently. The mills are closing down and locals are losing jobs from the logging and supporting industries. With the 20% tax on Canadian timber entering America and the mass export of raw logs across the Pacific, the local mill will most likely shut down this year. Unemployment, a low Canadian Dollar, warm weather, and beautiful scenery will make the Boundary Country prime for tourism to replace logging jobs. With a population of 2000 in the surrounding area Timber and Sons Resort and Ranch will have access to a skilled surplus of labour excited for new business and opportunity who will not want to move to the cities or be able to get oil patch jobs in the current market. Tourism firms operating in remote location have to pay day rates for labour. In the Boundary Country the hourly positions Timber and Sons can offer are close to home for workers and services and will be a win-win for our business and locals alike.

The perfect instagram photo for a New York DJ

Hunting, fishing, and trail riding will be additional sources of revenue for the ranch. There is a lake above the property with rainbow trout that can be stocked yearly. West Vancouver horse owners will be able to board their horses at our ranch and enjoy the resort during the summer months. They look for high end boarding for their animals and want a venue their friends and social group already frequent and endorse.

Hunting deserves its own paragraph. Ingram Mountain is the last ultimate mule deer hunting location in BC. This is no exaggeration. A single hunt for one trophy mule deer could bring in as much as $50,000 from international clients. Jamie took one of the largest black bear in BC from the Boundary area Europeans would pay a $100,000 for. Paul is well connected to hundred year old hunting clubs in Europe who will pay top dollar for a trophy mule deer. This low volume trophy hunting will protect the deer population and fund the ranch as well as local economy. Timber & Sons is waiting to place an order for 3000 pheasants at $1 per bird from a local farmer to be released for pheasant drives. Pheasant hunts are popular in BC have huge returns per bird while driving package sales for the glamping and guiding.

The glamping tents will be built on timber decks to avoid zoning issues leaving 30 acres for development at a later date. The rest of the land will be used for agriculture: specifically goats, orchards, and pheasants. Having farm tax status will give us taxation advantages and access to generous agriculture grants and financing options starting with our initial loan for the property. There is a high demand for goats in the Osoyoos market as many of the local ranchers still struggle to sell cattle using in effective business strategies for modern agriculture. While the elevation is too high for grapes a distillery or brewery could be built in year two and allow us to sell liquor on the property to guests without a liquor license. Currently there is one well on the property, a creek running through it, and a couple of streams. There is a house and barn on the property generating $950/month.

The star to the left of the location marker is Osoyoos

Meet Timber and Sons

Paul Wechselberger

Paul Wechselberger grew up in Vancouver and moved to Kamloops for university in 2011. He is currently completing his Commerce Degree while growing multiple businesses and a non profit organization operating nationally. He specializes in building enterprise in niche social, economic, and geographic areas using innovation, powerful communication tools, and an ability to find a win win solution in any situation. Paul was the youngest individual to become a certified Kayak guide in Canada and has 4 years experience guiding in the Fraser River, Howe Sound, Gulf Islands, and West Vancouver Island. He is a member of the Vancouver Chapter of Skal, an international tourism club. Paul is a certified first aid instructor, Red Cross Training Partner, and is an expert in running lifesaving and first aid programming in rural and isolated Canadian communities, He holds a chair position on the National Commission for Public Education for Drowning Prevention and works across Canada rural communities. He has received awards from the Royal Lifesaving Society and Commonwealth Council for his work using "Voluntourism" to take global issues and act on them locally. Paul runs a First Aid training company that works across Southern BC. As a entrepreneur Paul has 5 years experience building business which have helped him develop a diverse toolkit to develop an idea into reality.

Jamie Hunter

Jamie Hunter is the last of the real mountain men. He grew up in the Kootenay Boundary during a time when he needed to hunt and fish to survive. He knows every inch of the country, each forgotten cabin, secret lake, bear meadow, and lost mountain. Jamie ran a 500 acre ranch up the Christian Valley for the past 5 years specializing in ranch management, livestock, and raising horses. In his youth he worked as a millwright, logger, ran operations for a Jackson Triggs winery in Osoyoos, and guided international clients on world class mule deer, cougar, and black bear hunts. In 2010 Jamie developed a 100% organic and low cost pesticide specifically to be used in Okanagan vineyards which was used by Jackson Triggs on their vines. He is a Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic and Red Seal Diesel Mechanic with experience running machine shops and mills working on million dollar pieces of machinery. Jamie is well connected in the Beverly Hills and West Vancouver crowd and has sourced 100% of Timber & Sons clients this far. Besides his ability to work on any piece of heavy or light machinery, hunt, shoot, fish and track better than Roosevelt and Hemingway, and his unique celebrity connections Jamie is exceptionally well read and well traveled. He can connect with anyone, is a fabulous communicator, and an unforgettable story teller.

Where we're at, and where we're going.

Right now Timber & Sons operations are running through Paul Wechselberger Investments INC. or Jamie Hunter's sole proprietorship, Timber and Sons Outfitters. We are looking to form a corporation or trust to create an organization to purchase the ranch with a clear understanding of management and use. Paul and Jamie currently operate in good faith based on friendship, respect, and a handshake. Moving forward with any third partner will require the same foundation of trust and friendship. In addition to partnership we are looking for mentorship as we move into uncharted waters and take on a project that is bigger than the two of us.

Who's supporting us.

Ryan Scorgie

Ryan is a long time friend, professor, of Paul and also a board member of his non profit society. Ryan is a partner of Forward Law in Kamloops, the President of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, holds an undergraduate degree in Adventure Tourism holding various guiding certifications, and owns a cattle ranch between Kamloops and Vernon. He is a steadfast supporter of Paul and Jamie and their enterprises and will be a mentor and advisor for the Timber & Sons land acquisition on the topics of agriculture and tourism.

Tina Peters

Tina Peters is Timber & Sons CPA. She has supported Paul and his business since 2015 and her office will assist in the initial set up for bookkeeping and payroll for the Timber & Sons Ranch.

Kharen Hill

Kharen is a celebrity photographer who has shared many backcountry adventures with Jamie Hunter. She is a dedicated supporter of TImber & Sons providing high quality photography and media. Her next steps are to provide high end videography to support upcoming media campaigns. See how many celebrities you recognize on her Instagram account!

Who we're up against.

In the Kootenay Boundary area there are no "glamping" outfits or any resorts until you hit Osoyoos hotels and Kelowna resorts. There are a collection of provincial and private campsites in the area. Most of these are directly off the highway and overflow. A wise man noted that for so many individuals camping on the side of a highway within feet of the next camper is a once in a lifetime experience for those who have not been fortunate enough to grow up in the wilderness. TImber and Sons Resort will stand alone in the area as not only as a better option to local campsites but will become a regional destination. The motels and hotels in the area are nothing to write home about. Most are old and simply serve for hunters in the fall and as a overnight rest stop for travelers on their was to Jasper and the Central Kootenays.

Provincial glamping competition varies from location to location. Some have spas, hot tubs, tree houses, retro campers. For most competition the market rate is $150 to $250 a night. Each competitor adds in quirky or unique features to attract travelers who visit a destination simply to "glamp" as to differentiate themselves from the next competitor. The Ingram Mountain location is close to the growing city of Osoyoos which is already a large tourist destination during the summer and only a 1 hour drive from the property. There are some glamping resorts operating at $1000 plus per night such as Siwash Wilderness Resort near Hundred Mile House. WIth the property's southern location and proximity to wine country, and celebrity connections, Timber & Sons will be able to grow to compete with other high end glamping resort outfits in BC.

Most of the current glamping outfits in BC

How we stand out.

Glamping is a perfect cross between actual camping and a hotel. The real driver behind glamping is the desire for luxury not necessarily the need for it. Glamping allows for the ultimate romanticized accommodation or unconventional bohemian (hipster) accommodations. In most markets hybrid products and services will always occupy a niche. You can put up a cool tent and charge $200/night but someone will eventually put up a cool tree house or tipi down the highway for the same rate. So long as your guests feel like Doctor Schweitzer, Pattison (Lions of Tsavo), or Capstick (Big Game Hunter) experiencing the green hills of Africa or Hunter S Thompson, Christopher McCandless, or Jeremiah Johnson exploring the American wilderness you will always stay ahead of the competition. Selling the experience and the imagery is key to having travelers flock to Timber & Sons Resort and Ranch.

A glamping site is relatively cheap. For under $1000 you can have an accommodation priced the same as a hotel room or cabin with out the guest expectation of either. They are mobile negating the need for structure permits and your resort layout can be dynamic. Also they are quite liquid allowing you to purchase or sell them extremely quickly.

Media & Marketing

Our plan to market the Glamping experience is through a combined social media plan. Original content drives viral marketing, twitter directs clicks towards your website, facebook shares video media, and instagram is for still images selling lifestyle. Timber & Sons will be working with local photographers to rapidly collect high quality still images to supply T&S with extensive images to be promoted on Instagram. TImber & Sons has been paying a contractor in Beverly Hills to run our Instagram account since Fall 2016 aimed at the LA and West Vancouver crowd. This account is bring attention across Canada, we recently booked our first set of clients from Ontario who hear about us through the social media grapevine.

We have two videographers lined up for late spring. Kharen Hill will be capturing video footage of bear in Boundary meadows to boost her portfolio and indirectly to share with her LA connections to promote our business. A local filmographer will create video material of the actual resort when it is up and marketable to provide video foot to drive viral BC marketing. Kharen will be working for free and receive our guiding services for guaranteed bear footage and the local filmographer (recently moved from Toronto) will work in exchange for the location of a secret fishing lake. (Timber & Sons are experts in bargaining).

There are a number of low cost and innovative methods we will be using to drive sales for glamping. Local tourism magazines and journals are always looking to promote interesting attractions in their publications. We will work with Osoyoos hotels (through Paul's tourism club) to set up package deals. Besides geographic social media targeting of clients we'll be working with Destination BC and Hello BC to promote our glamping services. Bookings can be made through the T&S website or facebook for the resort during the summer by credit card. High end glamping will require customers to contact us for a quote.

In the off season we will be advertising upland game bird hunting through BC hunting clubs and online hunting communities through similar methods as the summer glamping options. Crown land is difficult to hunt and most BC hunters will pay landowners to hunt even if there is only a small chance of taking an animal. Until the weather no longer permits we will use the glamping tents for accommodations. In addition to pheasants the Boundary has one of the only populations of wild turkey. We have the pheasant breeder ready to breed his stock of wild turkeys and will release them on the property. The average BC hunter would prefer to hunt a wild turkey than a record mule deer because Turkeys are so rare in BC. They need warm dry weather and timber cover to thrive- two conditions to unique to the Boundary. Game bird hunting packages usually sell for $500/day with minimum booking requirements and charge $30 a bird.

Paul and especially Jamie are extremely protective of the deer population of the Boundary. We will run exclusive high price guided hunts targeted at European hunters. This will keep the hunting pressure low on the mule deer and ensure an abundance on the property. In our opinion 4 out of 10 local hunters are disrespectful of the BC wilderness leaving disturbed habitat, wounded animals, beer cans, and garbage behind them. We will not be opening our ranch for average hunters to harvest animals unless they will pay for an exclusive trip to ensure a certain quality and accountability of guest. Ingram Mountain is one of the last ultimate slopes for mule deer and private property will protect that natural resource. Our outfit has been invited to visit Austrian hunting clubs to promote our guided trips from these international clients looking for their wall hanger North American deer and bear. We expect to run one or two of these high price point hunts each year.

Word of mouth will be a key factor to advertize our high price point services to wealth clients. We hope to keep the regular glamping on the lower slopes of the property keeping the higher ridges and some of the restored heritage homesteads away from the high volume guests.

Snow shoe fly fishing

Financials and operation projections are being worked on.

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