Samurai Project By:Gabriel Garcia p.6

Rise of a Military Society

Minato Yoritomo bacame the first shogun in 1192. A shogun was the daimyo that holds the most land, the shogun also lead Japan's military. He led the army and the country. Japan was in a military government for nearly 700 years. Daimyo were any of the largest and most powerful landholders in Japan.

Samurai Amor, Weapons, and Fighting Styles

Samurai went into battle with heavy armor. The armor was made of rows of small metal plates. The plates were coated with lacquer and it was laced together with colorful silk. They wore shin guards made of leather or cloth to protect their legs. Samurai also wore a kimono and baggy pants under the armor. Samurai used weapons like katanas, spears, tanto, a longbow, and wakizashi. Their bows were 8 feet long and they used spears to knock people off horses. Samurai also learned judo and aikido to fight.

Samurai Training and The Warrior Code

Samurai were taught mental and physical techniques. Samurai practiced how to shoot a bow until the learned how to shoot accurately with out thinking. Samurai also learned swordsmanship. They learned how to force their opponent to make the first move, how to stay out of range of an opponents sword, and how to fight in tight spaces. The warrior code for samurai was called Bushido. Bushido means "Way of the Warrior." Bushido taught samurai to be honest, fair, and fearless in the face of death.

Samurai Training in Writing, Literature, and Tea Ceremony

Samurai were expected to be warriors and students of Culture in the 17th century. They were taught how to write and learned about literature. The type of writing they practiced was calligraphy. Calligrapher's used a brush, ink, and paper or silk. Samurai also learned about poetry. Samurai also studied for the tea ceremony.

Spiritual Training

Most samurai practiced Buddhism. There was two types of Buddhism, Amida and Zen. In Amida Buddhism, people believed that they could reach paradise. They also believed that, when a person dies Amida will lead them to the Pure Land. This only happens when someone says Amida's name over and over up to 70,000. In Zen Buddhism people meditated for hours to be happy.

Women in Samurai Society

Women were treated differently trough out the years. In the 12th century samurai women were treated with respect. A samurai's wife helped in the house and promoted family interest. If there husband died, she could take over his position. In the 17th century, it was the men who helped in the house. Women at that time didn't even pick who to marry. A popular book at that time taught women hoe to behave.

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