My First Art Museum Tour @uzaibaka_

Although it only lasted for about 10 minutes, I gained more than . I visited the Eccles Community Art Center in Jefferson District, Ogden. The museum was strictly an art museum--- everything art- all types of art. ECAC is a non-profit organization that display exhibits that change monthly. Additionally, they offer classes in several type of arts including visual, diverse health & happiness and performing. Inside the house were different types of art pieces varying from painting pieces, ceramic pieces and other historic pieces. Outside in the yard stood statues and sculptures. I only saw the various pieces displayed within the house. Each piece is unique with its own story to tell and I appreciated every single own. My favorite was the camera collection.

Alfred Stieglitz once said, "In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality." Common yet unique, basic yet special- each photograph was recorded through an art process of manipulating lighting conditions. Both pieces are untitled and are very, very different in many ways. The artwork on the top is a photography of a rose with many other flowers surrounding it. It uses hierarchical scaling making out the slower in the middle to be bigger and as the focal point of the piece while the other flowers act as backdrops. The bottom piece captures a sort of nightlife style unique in this certain street and corner pictured. Vehicles zooming past, two buildings merged as one with bright lights and different functions. The buildings are showed in a two-point perspective from the angle that the artist is standing. On the other hand, the streets show a one-point perspective. With dark skies, the city is still alive with each technology having its own sun- its own source of light.
"It's just a normal building that you see downtown .. It's just another fenced area down the block." Many thoughts of the artwork being cliche crossed my mind at the first sight of them. Moving towards other pieces, I somehow found my way back to these. These photographic pieces are by the same artist and are both untitled. At first glance, they may look basic and common. The piece on top is a picture of staircase in front of a red-bricked building somewhere in either a metropolitan area. The angle of the picture tells a story about the daily unique occurrences that the stairways feel and the windows see. A last goodbye, a world divided, two souls meeting, plans gone wrong, a life's struggles- the right angle and timing captured many untold stories in a single picture. The bottom piece contrast greatly in terms of its underlying message. With a metal fence acting as a barrier to an open door, this piece gives off many messages. Whether it may be a door of opportunities or that you can truly see the beauty of something once you let go of your fears holding you back, this piece gives each viewer the opportunity to come to their own conclusions.
Anne Hawthorn created both pieces as 2D mixed medias. The outline appeared to be drawn by pencil, then outlined with a marker. The bouquet of hair and skin was done with watercolor. Both characters in both of the pieces have feminine features yet I believe that anyone of whatever gender they identify by can relate to these. With eyes closed, the individual appears to be either sleeping or lost in thought. The various colors filling in the bouquet and the upper body of the figure tells many things about these pieces. Whether the artist intended for the colours to have any influence of role or not, I think that it plays a part in telling the story of these pieces. The colours show that whatever thoughts fill up your head influences your physical being. Whatever work that mind has to do takes a toll on your whole body. Additionally, your mindset determines your performance. So these pieces, in my opinion, is spreading that message that you should beware yet also be open-minded. Don't be closed off from trying new things but at the same time be cautious.
No More War. With two figures presented in a tension-filled atmosphere, this piece expresses the artists' deep feelings towards past and present worldly events. With one figure showing violent actions by pressing a gun to the throat of another figure while the second figure presents a flower back, this piece reenacts Ghandi and his peaceful protest methods. This work of art is a drawing piece with various shades acting as though this was a mixed media. Additionally, the author made this piece pop out in a way by putting the words in the background and making the figures appear as cut-out pieces stuck to the frame. This really speaks out to me because it is something that is still happening today. All over the news and various social medias are pictures and videos showing both peaceful protests and riots against authorities that are retaliated with violence. There was a famous recent picture of a black woman that was peacefully protesting and was dragged with wires to jail just for standing up for her people.



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