Nintendo Switch By: Jacob

The latest console from Nintendo. The Wii U was released in 2015. It offers Hi-Def gaming and a portable touch screen controller that would allow you to play within 30 feet away from the console. Not to mention so many new titles from Nintendo. While some critics don't think its a good console, loyal Nintendo fans absolutely loved it.
Nintendo has been on the gaming charts since 1985. At first things seemed like Nintendo wasn't going to work but Nintendo proved us wrong. It has been one of the greatest Gaming Companies for 32 years. Some of the gaming's franchises like Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros. started here. Fun Fact: In Japan it's known as the Famicom.
Nintendo had several good consoles. Starting with the NES then to the Super Nintendo and to the Nintendo 64. Nintendo wanted to stick to cartridges. But there came a time to change. And the birth of the Nintendo Game Cube came in 2002. But Nintendo had several portable gaming devices as well.
Nintendo has a variety of Game Boys and Nintendo DSs'. They didn't just focus on home consoles. They wanted you to take your game and enjoy it elsewhere other than home. To play with your friends and be a cool kid with a portable gaming console. The first Game Boy was released in 1989. Nintendo from then on has been developing for portable and home consoles.
There are many versions of the DS starting with a bulkier model. The newest one is known as the 2DS. The 2DS was designed to play both 3DS games and older games for the DSi and DS Lite. The DS is just an upgraded GameBoy with game cards instead of min-cartridges. It has some great games and is as loved as the home consoles are.

Nintendo has come so far and helped the gaming industry get to where they are now. They're newest console known is the Nintendo Switch. The release date is on March 3rd of 2017. People are losing their minds and I am as well. The Nintendo Switch provides 3 gaming styles. A home console, detaching the Joy-Cons and using those to play multiplayer, and a portable set up allowing you to play wherever you go. I'm sure that Nintendo has much more information on their official website. So feel free to click on the link to find out more.


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