India call center End the sufferIng

The population of India is approximately 1.26 billion. The U.S. takes advantage of this large population and companies give jobs to them because they don't have to pay them as much. This is called outsourcing. We outsource to India because they have a comparative advantage in the I.T. Department, they have the advantage because we don't have to pay them as much, they have better training for the job, and they have a large population trained in I.T. This makes India essential to the U.S. because we use technology very often.

The life of a call center person is kinda sad they go through years of training just to sit in a chair and make phone calls all day just to make a small amount of money each hour dealing with rude people. Although this is better than what most people deal with in India this is still trash to jobs people in the U.S. have. There is severe spacial inequality in India and having a job at the call center in India is a great step up from living in the slums of India especially since it is clean and provides you resources you need.

Seeing the job situation has been really eye opening for the people of the U.S. Seeing how fortunate we are compared to the people in India. We have such a good country that we don't have spacial inequality and we have minimum wage so we aren't living of of scrap Money. This makes 'murica prosperous in jobs and living. So let's go murica!


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