Whaling Good or Bad? By morgan perry

Whaling can be both helpful and cruel. Depending on the way you want to look at it.

Whaling/eating whale is an Important cultural tradition for some countries such as Japan, Norway and populations of Canada and Greenland. So if we were to completely band whaling it's taking away one of there important traditions. It's sort of like if the Japanese were to tell us to stop eating meat or sausages for example.

On the other hand, whales are very intelligent creatures and have almost the same brain capacity as humans do, and with further research and studying we may be able to one day communicate with whales. With this information and research we could maybe in the future help whales to save people or for other important things that we can not yet do on our own. So slaughtering these beautiful intelligent creatures might not be the best idea.

Although, economically whale meat is profitable. Whaling also creates jobs which provide money which lead to a living so banding whaling is taking away jobs which leave people without money as well. What if all you knew how to do was whaling and then they band it you would pretty much have to start all over again to find a new job?

But the population of minke whales is dropping in the southern oceans, which could lead to extinction. Whaling could also lead to there being no whales left in the ocean! You may think that whales don't do anything for the environment but when it comes to the environment and the oceans ecosystem whales help regulate the flow of food by helping to maintain a stable food chain and ensuring that certain animal species do not overpopulate the ocean. Whales aren't just here on earth and In our oceans for us to look at and be amazed they actually serve a purpose.

Whaling can be both good and bad.Should whaling be band or should it continue.


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