From the Customer -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-

Chapter 1: Michells

Every time I go to buy something at Michells I get a lot of stuff and I mean a lot of stuff. I don't go there that often so when I do I get a lot of stuff and I mean a lot of stuff. So when ever I do go and get a lot of stuff they look at me like I'm crazy.

Chapter 2: Some Small Store in Seattle

I was walking down the street in Seattle with my sister when we wanted to get some food from this little store that had 3 open signs on. So we walk in and the guy inside working there told us to get out or he was going to call the cops when me and my sister asked why and he said cause their were closed.


Created with images by MichaelGaida - "shopping cart shopping supermarket" • Unsplash - "sign open neon" • JeepersMedia - "Target Store"

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