Collegium Newsletter June 3, 2019

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CCS Family Calendar

Mon., June 3rd - Day 2

  • Grades K-6: Spirit Day - Class Color Day (Sponsored by Elementary Student Council) | Dress in your class color with uniform bottoms (See Calendar Event Description and Article Below)
  • Grades 9-12: Summer Send-Off Flower Sale Begins (Ends Friday, June 7th) (Sponsored by the UNICEF/She's the First Club) Over Lunch Periods @ 535 Building
  • Grade 11: College Essay Review Session | Room 702 3:00pm - 4:30pm @ 535 Building
  • CCS Morning News After-School Meeting 3:30pm - 5:30pm @ 535 Building
  • Grades K-6: Talent Show 2019 Rehearsals | Gym 4:00pm - 7:00pm @ 500 Building
  • Grades K-6: Elementary Instrument Rental Night | Room 826 6:00pm - 7:30pm @ 150 Building

Tue., June 4th - Day 3

  • 4th-6th Grade Choirs: American Young Voices Field Trip (Approved Students Only)
  • Grades 7-12: Final Exams | Full Academic Day
  • Grades 9-12: Detention 3:00pm - 4:30pm @ 535 Building
  • 150 Building: K-4 STEM Mentoring Club | Room 961 3:45pm - 5:00pm
  • 486 Building: Little Artists Club (Session 4) | Room 515 4:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Spring Concert: Middle School/High School Small Ensembles | Gym 7:00pm - 9:00pm @ 500 Building

Wed., June 5th - Day 4

  • 150 Building Field Day | Parking Lots, Basin, and Gyms
  • Book Drives End: K-6 New Teacher Library and Middle School Library (Began Wednesday, May 22nd) (Sponsored by NEHS and NJHS)
  • Grades 7-12: Final Exams | Full Academic Day
  • K-6 Talent Show 2019 | Gym 5:00pm - 8:00pm @ 500 Building

Thu., June 6th - Day 5

  • 6th Grade Field Trip | Team B @ Paradise Farm Camps
  • Grades 7-12: Final Exams | Full Academic Day
  • 150 Building: 4th Grade Wax Museum | Room 804 8:30am - 10:30am
  • 150 Building: 4th Grade End of Year Picnic | Playground and Basin 11:00am - 3:00pm
  • Grades 9-12: Detention | Designated Classroom 3:00pm - 4:30pm @ 535 Building
  • CougarTek Club Meeting | Room 352 4:30pm - 5:30pm @ 515 Building
  • CougarTek Team Meeting 4:30pm - 6:30pm @ Level13 eSports Gaming Center
  • Board of Trustees Work Session | Cafeteria 5:00pm @ 515 Building
  • Board of Trustees Regular Public Meeting | Cafeteria 6:00pm @ 515 Building

Fri., June 7th - Day 6

  • 150 Building: Field Day Rain Date | Parking Lots, Basin, and Gyms
  • 6th Grade Field Trip | Team A @ Paradise Farm Camps
  • Grade 12 and CCS Employees: College T-Shirt Day
  • Alex's Lemonade Stand | K-6th Grade Building Exteriors 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Grades 11-12: Field Trip - That Boat Trip 9:00am - 2:30pm @ Northbrook Canoe Company
  • 468/486 Building: 4th Grade End of Year Party | Gym and Outside Areas 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Grades 9-12: Summer Send-Off Flower Sale Ends (Began Monday, June 3rd) (Sponsored by the UNICEF/She's the First Club) During Lunches @ 535 Building
  • 8th Grade: Awards and Moving Up Ceremony | Gym 1:15pm - 2:30pm @ 535 Building

Saturday, June 8th

  • ACT Testing for Registered Students | Classrooms 6:00am - 5:00pm @ 535 Building
  • Grades 3-7: Lacrosse Clinic | Field 9:00am - 12:00pm @ 500 Building

June K-12 Menus And Payment Form

The Food Service Department's June K-12 Menus and Payment Form are available at the button below. This information is also posted as a Resource on the Food Service page of our website.

Meet CCS’s 2019 Valedictorian And Salutatorian

Dr. Pat O’Brien has announced CCS’s 2019 Valedictorian, Mina Bourquin, and Salutatorian, Abigail Dean. These prestigious awards are based on Mina and Abby’s outstanding academic success at CCS. The students credit CCS’s size and culture for helping them to achieve many other successes, as well.

“Having peers and mentors who are constantly dedicated to building us up has been so important,” Abby commented. “Being surrounded by people who are all passionate about making the school and our community better has given me the opportunities that I have had to get to this point.”

“Collegium is like a family, giving us space to grow as students and people. Without the teachers and students at CCS, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” -Mina Bourquin, CCS 2019 Valedictorian
Pictured: Mina Bourquin, CCS 2019 Valedictorian, and Abigail Dean, CCS 2019 Salutatorian.

The CCS learning environment enabled Mina and Abby to put their interests into action inside and outside of the classroom. Both have founded, participated in, and led multiple clubs at CCS. These include organizations like the National Honor Society, UNICEF, and She’s the First. They're also editors and writers for CCS Roar, the High School’s newspaper, and Anamnesis, our yearbook. In addition to their extracurriculars, Abby and Mina participated in dual enrollment classes with Immaculata University and Delaware County Community College, and work together at CCS as After-School Care Program Assistants.

After graduation from CCS, Mina will participate in a dual B.A. program with Sciences Po and Columbia University.

Even though they’ve been friends since 6th Grade, it’s clear that Mina and Abby are different as people and scholars. Mina shared, “I’m a naturally curious and self-motivated person; learning has always been enjoyable for me. Doing well academically comes with hard work, but it’s not necessarily my end goal in and of itself.”

“Despite what people may tell you, success is different for everyone. Find what makes you happy and you will find success.” - Mina Bourquin, CCS 2019 Valedictorian
Mina and her mother, Penny, at Columbia University.

For Abby, the loss of her father to cancer when she was a toddler has shaped her life goals. “Every story I’ve heard about my father has told of an amazing, kind, and encouraging man. I’ve always strived to be a good person, someone he would be proud to call his daughter. This loss has definitely pushed me to always do my best,” she said.

In the fall, Abby will attend her father’s alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh, to study Biological Sciences.
“I want people to know that they don't have to be the smartest person in the world to succeed. I am by no means the smartest person in the school. But caring for those around you and just trying hard is what pays off in the end. Everything happens for a reason, and supporting those around you to succeed will come back around to you as well.” - Abby Dean, CCS 2019 Salutatorian
Left: Abby and her mom, Monica Pica. Right: Abby at age three with her dad, Jeffrey Dean.

Abby and Mina also say that they’ve been fortunate to have the influence of strong women in their lives: “Our moms have had to overcome a lot and have been role models of resilience, strength, and overcoming,” they shared.

Mina, our 2019 Valedictorian, will participate in a dual B.A. program with Sciences Po and Columbia University. She plans to study Political Science and American History and will begin her college education in France this fall.

Our Salutatorian, Abby, will attend her father’s alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh, to study Biological Sciences. Her goal is to become a Genetic Oncologist (cancer research geneticist) to help other families affected by cancer.

We’re so inspired by these young ladies. Congratulations on your Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors, and best wishes for many more successes!

Grades K-4 RAP Literacy Luau A Tropical Triumph

The Title I/RAP Team of Reading Specialists hosted their second Grades K-4 RAP Family Literacy Night on Tuesday, May 21st. The Literacy Luau theme was a huge hit with students and their families!

“[B]oth children had such a great time last night!!! They could not stop talking about it the entire car ride home...were actually reading their books already, too! I can only imagine the amount of preparation that goes into an event like this and everything was so well organized. I was very impressed! I just wanted to say thank you to all of the teachers and students that helped last night because it was an awesome night!” -CCS Parent/Guardian

The 150 Building's Cafeteria was transformed into a Literacy Luau paradise! RAP students and their families were greeted with Hawaiian leis by 150 Building Assistant Principal, Mr. Thorpe, and had their pictures taken on the island with the famous Chick-fil-A cow. Then everyone enjoyed dinner and conversation before beginning their tropical trips!

On their trips, families had the opportunity to travel to several islands where they could participate in a wide range of fun-filled literacy activities. They fed rhyming words to Shawn the Shark, played beach ball sight word toss, wrote seashell words in sand, and made word underwater bubbles glow—just to name a few items on their tropical travel itineraries! As students and their families moved from one beach to the next, they collected stickers on their Island Hopper Passes that they turned in at the end of the night for a brand new book. To top it all off, four lucky students won buckets of books and tropical treats!

“That was so much fun! I love my books! Feeding the shark was my favorite thing! I liked the flashlights, too! When can we do it again?” – CCS Student

On behalf of the Title I/RAP Team of teachers—Mrs. Colleen Danilson, Mrs. Susan Wineland, Mrs. Amanda Shweiky, and Mrs. Cathy Baker—we thank all of the students, families, staff, and volunteers who made this night such a tremendous success! We appreciate all of your support in creating an enjoyable literacy event for our students and their families, and we look forward to hosting more family literacy nights next year!

2019's K-6 Annual Art Show Was Inspired!

Our Annual K-6 Art Show on Friday, May 24th had a great turnout! The Elementary Art Team was so excited to showcase their students' hard work and creativity. In addition to the Art Show, the event featured carnival fun, yummy treats, and other fun activities.

The student artwork displayed was carefully selected for the show. This year, multiple tables of three-dimensional pieces like clay sculptures and works created with weaving were also available for all to see.

We thank the many families who spent time with us at this year's K-6 Annual Art Show appreciating our young and talented students' artwork. The evening was a wonderful celebration of their gifts and innovation. All proceeds of the event will benefit the Art Department's continued efforts to inspire our young CCS artists. Thank you for another year of continued support!

News From Our Athletics Department

PIAA Track & Field Championships

CCS has many extraordinary student-athletes, some of whom attend CCS but play sports with teams in their home school districts.

Two such student-athletes are CCS Seniors Wiltricia S. and Camari S. Both Wiltricia and Camari brought home 4 x 100 relay medals from last Saturday’s PIAA Track & Field Championships!

Wiltricia’s Girls Team won a Bronze Medal at the event, with a finish time of 47.86 seconds. Wiltricia ran the first leg of her team’s relay.

Camari ran the third leg of his Boys Track Team’s race. His team stole the show, running the race in a 20-year record-breaking 40.99 seconds to win the Gold Medal.

"It's incredible what these student-athletes accomplished! Their individual performances and team wins really show Wiltricia’s and Camari’s hard work and dedication. It’s a pleasure to see their sacrifices pay off.” -John Allen, CCS’s Director of Athletics & Extracurricular Activities

Both Wiltricia and Camari plan to attend college, where they’ll continue their running careers. We applaud their accomplishments and are delighted that they’ve been a part of our CCS Community!

Middle School Student Athletics Opportunities


Cross Country, Volleyball, and Soccer

  • Start Date​: August 26, 2019
  • PIAA Physical Packet Due Date​: August 23, 2019
  • Permission Slip Due Date​: August 26, 2019


Basketball and Cheerleading

  • Start Date​: December 2, 2019
  • PIAA Physical Packet Due Date​: November 29, 2019
  • Permission Slip Due Date​: December 2, 2019


Lacrosse and Baseball

  • Start Date​: March 16, 2020
  • PIAA Physical Packet Due Date​: March 13, 2020
  • Permission Slip Due Date​: March 18, 2020

Please be aware of some requirements related to registering your children for CCS Athletics programs:

  • School Physicals cannot replace PIAA Physicals
  • All physicals must be dated on or after June 1, 2019
  • Collegium provides uniforms and necessary equipment

If you have questions or need additional information, please email Mr. John Allen directly.

High School Student Athletics Opportunities


Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, and Golf

  • Start Date​: August 12, 2019
  • PIAA Physical Packet Due Date​: August 9, 2019
  • Permission Slip Due Date​: August 12, 2019


Basketball and Cheerleading

  • Start Date​: November 18, 2019
  • PIAA Physical Packet Due Date​: November 15, 2019
  • Permission Slip Due Date​: November 18, 2019


Lacrosse and Baseball

  • Start Date​: March 2, 2020
  • PIAA Physical Packet Due Date​: February 28, 2020
  • Permission Slip Due Date​: March 2, 2020

Please be aware of some requirements related to registering your children for CCS Athletics programs:

  • School Physicals cannot replace PIAA Physicals
  • All physicals must be dated on or after June 1, 2019
  • Collegium provides uniforms and necessary equipment

If you have questions or need additional information, please email Mr. John Allen directly.

Alex's Lemonade Stand At CCS

On Friday, June 7th, Alex's Lemonade Stand (ALS) will return to CCS for its 15th year! ALS is a fundraiser that raises money for childhood cancer research and cures. Our event will run from 9:00am until 3:00pm that day.

Pictures from our 2018 Alex's Lemonade Stand.

The video below was created in 2017 and demonstrates CCS's commitment to the ALS Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

CCS's ALS stands will be located outside of the 468/486, 150, and 500 Buildings on Friday, June 7th. Soft pretzels and cups of lemonade will be sold for $1.00 each. The event is open to the entire community. Everyone is encouraged to attend! All proceeds go to the ALS Foundation.

Pictures from our 2018 Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Unable to attend? Access the link below to make online donations via CCS's ALS fundraising webpage. We're confident that the Collegium Community will quickly surpass our $2,000 online fundraising goal!

End Of School Year Information

1. High School Graduation Ceremony

Our 2019 High School Graduation Ceremony is Thursday, June 13th at 6:00pm in the 535 Building's William D. Winters Gymnasium. Tickets are required for admittance.

2. Obligations

Please make sure that all 2018-2019 obligations are met and paid in full.

3. Report Cards

Collegium’s 2018-2019 year-end student Report Cards will be distributed digitally in your PowerSchool accounts.

Final Report Cards for students in Kindergarten through 6th Grade will be posted* to PowerSchool accounts by 9:00am, Tuesday, June 18th. Final Report Cards for students in Grades 7 through 12 will be posted to PowerSchool accounts by 9:00am, Monday, June 24th.

To access digital Report Cards, sign in to your PowerSchool account at the button below using any web browser, and select “Report Cards” in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. Live Report Card versions will be available until June 30th. Archived Report Card links will be available beginning on Monday, July 8th.

Need help accessing your account? Please email our PowerSchool Administrator using the button below.

*Due to our year-end rollover process, our PowerSchool Student and Parent online portal will be disabled July 1st through July 7th. Access to accounts in the PowerSchool Student and Parent mobile application will be disabled between July 1st through July 29th.

4. Summer Information Packet

CCS will now use PowerSchool for our Student Data Verification process. While families will receive related instructions and information in the mail, the majority of information will be accessible via PowerSchool, only.

Please take this time to make sure your PowerSchool login is working correctly. Need help accessing your account? Email our PowerSchool Administrator using the button below.

5. Home Address Updates

If you move during the summer, use the button below to email CCS Student Records so that bussing adjustments can be made!

6. Food Service Account Balances

Food Service account balances will carry over from this school year to the 2019-2020 school year. Families don't need to do anything for this to occur.

If your child is graduating or not returning to CCS and you'd like a Food Service account refund, please email our Director of Food Service, Mr. Michael Ely. Include your child's first and last names, grade level, and Food Service PIN in your email request. Also, please provide the name and address of the person to whom the Food Service account refund check should be sent. Refund requests will take two to three weeks to process.

Questions? Email Mr. Ely.

7. Summer Meals Program

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 requires all School Food Authorities (SFAs) to inform families of the availability and location of free student Summer Food Service Program meals. This is required even if the SFA does not participate in the Summer Meals Program. Collegium is an SFA, but we are not providing summer meals on-site. Families can use any of the following methods to locate sites that serve free meals to children during the summer:

  • Call 1-866-3Hungry
  • Call 1-877-8Hambre
  • Text FOOD to 877-877
  • Text COMIDA to 877-877

8. 2019-2020 Student Enrollment

If your 2019-2020 school year plans change and your child will not attend CCS, please use the button below to email CCS Student Records as soon as possible. Please do not rely upon your new school to advise CCS, as they often don't reach out for records until after the school year has begun.

As you can imagine, late notice of student withdrawals can be very disruptive to Collegium's planning and budget, as well as to prospective CCS students and families. Thank you.

Collegium Employee Spotlight: Chris Hojnacki

This Newsletter section highlights one Collegium employee each week, and allows families and students to get to know them better. Now, when you see featured employees on campus, you can greet them by name and strike up conversations! Watch this video to learn more about Chris Hojnacki, 486 Building Receptionist.

Education Explained: Service Hours

Each week, CCS employees highlight common terms and philosophies in education and explain how they impact teaching and learning at Collegium. This week's contribution comes from Dr. Pat O’Brien, Collegium High School’s Principal, and Ms. Vicki Whisler, the High School Counseling Services Coordinator.

Last week, my team and I highlighted suggestions for helping students be “High School Ready.” This week, I'd like to share insights about one specific graduation requirement: service hours. As stated in the CCS High School Program of Studies 2018-2019, “High school students must complete and document through x2VOL (a program in the Naviance Suite) a minimum of ten community service hours per year of high school attendance at CCS, for a total of 40 hours." (See page 9.) Spread over four years, the service hour requirement can provide CCS students with many opportunities to expand their understanding of the broader community and positively impact the lives of others.

Benefits of Community Service

The intent of the service hour requirement is to underscore the importance of giving back to the community on a regular and ongoing basis. Additionally, performing community service creates a world of new opportunities for students. Some students have even chosen career paths based on their volunteer experiences. Other service hour requirement benefits to students include:

  • Experience
  • Networking/Internships
  • Scholarships
  • College Applications
  • Resume Building

For an organization to be considered as an approved location, it must be a nonprofit with a 501(c)(3) designation, and it must serve the community at large. Some examples of types of organizations which have been approved include libraries, public schools, houses of worship, and food pantries. We also have many opportunities right here at CCS.

A list of previously approved organizations can be found on the Collegium Charter High School Counseling website and on the student dashboard in x2VOL. If students would like to volunteer for an organization that's not on the list, email Ms. Whisler with the organization's contact information. She will determine—with the input of the administrative team—if the organization meets the community service criteria, and, if approved, will add the organization to the approved list.

Students’ service hours and experiences can be used to bolster college and scholarship applications. University admissions counselors look at students’ volunteer experiences as another layer to their applications. Exposure to different volunteering environments has benefitted students in the past by allowing them the opportunity to explore new situations that have led to paths of study in college. Community service is also a great way of networking to find jobs and internships while students are still in High School.

When volunteering, students must be supervised by a member of the approved organization. Students should get the name and email of this supervisor and let them know to expect a verification email. Students should then enter the service into x2VOL as soon as possible for verification. Ms. Whisler visits all 9th Grade classes to show students how to enter their hours in x2VOL. She is also available to all students any time they need advice finding a place to volunteer or help entering their hours.

If you know of a non-profit organization that needs volunteers, please reach out to Ms. Whisler so that she can share the opportunity with our students.

Elementary Student Council Presents: Class Color Day

On Monday, June 3rd, the Elementary Student Council is sponsoring "Class Color Day" for students in Grades K-6. Students may dress in their class colors (see below) with uniform bottoms. June 3rd's "Class Color Day" is also a Spirit Day, which means it's a free Dress Down Day for our K-6th Grade students.

  • Kindergarten: Yellow
  • 1st Grade: Orange
  • 2nd Grade: Red
  • 3rd Grade: Blue
  • 4th Grade: Pink
  • 5th Grade: Purple
  • 6th Grade: Teal/Turquoise

If you have questions, feel free to email the Elementary Student Council Chair in your child's building using the buttons below.

College Application Essay Review Session

CCS’s High School English Department wants to help CCS Juniors (11th Graders) develop and fine-tune their very best possible college application essays! That’s why they’re holding a College Essay Review Session on Monday, June 3rd, from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in the 535 Building, Room 702.

The application essay can be the deciding factor on whether a student gains admission to the college or university of their choice. At the College Essay Review Session, Juniors will receive support and feedback on their essays, regardless of where they are in the essay writing process. High School teachers will be prepared to help with:

  • Understanding and choosing an essay question
  • Brainstorming
  • Drafting
  • Proofreading/editing

Students should bring any completed components of their essays with them to the College Essay Review Session, along with questions they might have. Computers will be available for all students who wish to attend.

The College Essay Review Session will end promptly at 4:30pm. Please be sure that your student is picked up at that time.

Questions? Email Mrs. Candace Haines using the button below.

2019 Collegium Graduation DVD Preorders

Preorder your 2019 Collegium Charter School Graduation Ceremony DVDs now! The DVDs will be ready for pickup later this summer.

To preorder your 2019 Collegium Charter School Graduation Ceremony DVD, complete our Preorder Form (available at the link below) or grab a paper form from our High School’s Main Office (535 James Hance Court, Exton, PA 19341). We’re accepting DVD preorders through Monday, June 3rd.

Payment for the DVDs—$12.00/each—is due by Friday, June 7th. Send your payment (in cash or by check payable to “Collegium Charter School”) to the High School’s Main Office, Attention: Mrs. Laura Maalouf, Room 755. Students can also drop off Preorder Forms and payments to Mrs. Maalouf directly.

Be sure to place your payment (and your Preorder Form, if you completed a paper form) in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and “2019 Graduation DVD.” We’ll let you know when your DVDs are ready for pickup this summer. Notification will be by phone or email, depending on the method you choose on your Preorder Form.

Questions about your 2019 Collegium Charter School Graduation Ceremony DVD preorder? Contact Mrs. Maalouf using the button provided.

NEHS And NJHS Sponsoring Two Important Book Drives

​The CCS National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) have partnered this year to sponsor two CCS book drives:

  • The Annual New Teacher Book Drive in the 150, 500, and 468/486 Buildings: This drive helps to build classroom libraries for new teachers and teachers who are changing grade levels.
  • Middle School Library Book Drive: This drive will help grow the ​new ​Middle School Library, which is in need of many books!

We welcome donations of your new and/or gently used books to help our New Teacher and ​Middle School Libraries blossom! Each donation will broaden our students' reading selections and encourage their love of reading.

Book Drive collection boxes will be placed in all buildings near their main entrances between Wednesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, June 5th. We appreciate your dedication to helping every CCS student learn to read!

Questions? Please email Mrs. Hirst (NEHS) or Mrs. Wallace (NJHS) using the buttons provided below.

Information On 2019-2020 Child Care And Bus Transportation

Will your child need transportation next school year to and/or from a day care center or babysitter within the Downingtown, West Chester, or Coatesville School Districts? Families who need alternate bus arrangements—like those for day care centers, babysitters, or bus stops other than your home—must complete a new Child Care Form each year. Current school year arrangements will not carry over to new school years.

You can find the Child Care Forms for the Downingtown, West Chester, and Coatesville Area School Districts at the buttons below. The Child Care Forms are also posted in the Resource section of our Transportation webpage linked below.

By Friday, June 14th, please complete your 2019-2020 school year Child Care Form and email it to Collegium's Transportation Department using the button provided. If your family doesn't need alternate bus transportation for the 2019-2020 school year, there's nothing that you need to do.

Note: Your local school district's transportation office will mail details about your child's 2019-2020 home bus stop. Expect that mailing about one week before school starts. This is also when CCS receives students' bus information from our transporting districts.

Questions? Email CCS's Transportation Department via the link below.

Camps And Clinic Sponsored By CCS Athletics

Collegium Soccer Camp

Collegium is excited to offer our Girls & Boys Soccer Clinic to students in Grades 2-6. Come out and learn from Collegium’s Varsity Soccer Coaches and student-athletes as they teach the fundamentals of soccer and share their love of the game!

The Clinic is scheduled from Saturday, July 8th until Thursday, July 11th on the 500 Building Field. Each day of the camp will be for students in Grades 2-6 from 9:00am until 3:00pm. The cost is $100.00/child. Payment and Registration Forms (accessible at the button below) are due by Thursday, June 27th.

If you have questions about Collegium’s Soccer Clinic, email Coach Steve Norris using the button below.

Collegium Lacrosse Clinic

Collegium is happy to offer a Girls & Boys Lacrosse Clinic to our students in Grades 3-7. Come out and learn from Collegium’s Varsity Lacrosse Coaches and student-athletes as they teach lacrosse skills and share why the sport is so fun and rewarding.

The Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, June 8th and Sunday, June 9th, 9:00am until 12:00pm, on the 500 Building Field. The cost is $50.00/child. Payment and Permission Slips (available at the button below) are due by Monday, June 3rd.

If you have questions about Collegium’s Lacrosse Clinic, email Coach Sherry Pryor.

CCS Basketball Day Camp Coming This Summer

Coach Markel Jones and CCS's Boys Basketball Team are excited for their 1st Annual Collegium Basketball Day Camp. The Day Camp is designed for 2nd through 8th Grade boys and girls of all skill levels. Activities will emphasize skill development in fundamental areas of the game like passing, shooting, and dribbling, while also promoting a fun and open learning atmosphere.

All participants will receive a free Collegium Basketball Day Camp T-shirt. Email Coach Jones using the link below for information and answers to your questions.

Coaching Positions Available

Our Athletics Department is looking for candidates for the following coaching position(s):

  • High School Soccer Head Coach
  • High School Volleyball Assistant Coach

All interested coaching candidates should email a resume and cover letter to John Allen, CCS Director of Athletics & Extracurricular Activities.

CCS HSA Updates & Events

Serving in a capacity similar to a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), our Home & School Association (HSA) owes its success to the efforts of our many parent, teacher, and staff volunteers! Proceeds from HSA fundraisers and activities help fund CCS education and operations.

Elementary Building School Stores

Volunteers are needed to open the School Stores in our 150, 468, 486, and 500 Buildings before school and during lunch. The School Stores are a real treat for CCS’s students, and volunteering is very rewarding! Please sign up for a few hours (or more!) using the SignUpGenius link below. We appreciate your support!

500 Building Resale Shop

Volunteers are needed to spend time each week organizing our Uniform Resale Shop. The Resale Shop is a tremendous CCS fundraiser, as well as a valuable resource for CCS families. Volunteers help keep donations in order and available for sale.

Please use the SignUpGenius link below to donate your time to the Resale Shop! Thank you.

WWPD Tip Resources

Collegium is committed to maintaining a strong and trusting partnership with the West Whiteland Police Department (WWPD). Together, we encourage all Collegium students, staff, and parents/guardians to contact the WWPD with any information they feel should be investigated.

The WWPD has a dedicated email address and phone number for the public to use to provide information quickly and directly to them.

The email address and phone line above are monitored by the WWPD Criminal Investigation Unit. We encourage anyone with information about suspected criminal activity to contact the WWPD using the email address or by leaving a voicemail message on the WWPD Tip Line. Everyone utilizing the phone number or email address can remain anonymous, if they wish.

If your concerns are specific to the Collegium campus, we ask that you also contact your Building Principal(s):

Important Collegium Telephone Numbers

Collegium's Main Number


Building Main Office Extensions

  • 150 Building: Ext. 6811
  • 435 Building: Ext. 6002
  • 468 Building: Ext. 6401
  • 486 Building: Ext. 6501
  • 500 Building: Ext. 6106
  • 515 Building: Ext. 6336
  • 535 Building: Ext. 6602

Collegium reserves the right to edit submissions and deny material for submission if it is deemed to be inappropriate or of little or no interest to CCS families.

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