Hunting trout at Cryd y Gwynt March 27th

Apleasant clear day but a little too much sun. Acool breeze across the lake Kept the fish down and kept me coat on and collar up.

As the wind had been blowing in the direction of the dam it was my first choice position by the leat. Had quite a few tugs here and eventually had my first fish of the day on a hares ear nymph.

One day that bird will be on our Sunday roast menu.

Waiting for the fly to sink to the correct depth and allowing it to swing round in the breeze. Taken just before a solid pull

Pods of twenty or more fish were moving up and down the canal area never seen so many together searching for food. Caught two on a small nymph and another broke me when it catapulted out of the water and fell directly on the line

Waiting for the bite which eventually came after five minutes.

Starting to get colder now!

Plenty of fish moving here

Into the best fish of the day fought like crazy. Caught on size twelve Humungus fly

Here comes the little beauty.

Time for tea. As you can see I've taken a bite already

Time to call it a day

Created By
David Owen

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