Fuck Research papers -_-


That's Right. I started my final draft and I'm actually doing quite well on it so far. Each new sentence keeps popping into my mind extemporaneously and the paper is really flowing nicely. I'm happy for that because before I started I was really getting stressed out. No shit, I got three mouth ulcers this past week. I'm pretty sure I've heard they come from stress, and if they don't, that's what I'm blaming it on.


Now the fun begins, because it's time to finish the paper and start my video. I won't go too in depth on what I'm doing for the video but it will definitely be different and I'm going for something that makes the viewer go, "Wow." That's hard to do with straight up information which I included a lot of in the essay-which is still being written but well-written, but taking an ass-load of time to do though :(. I'm thinking of a representation of some sort, where the viewer can use the research paper to understand what is in the video. That's all I'm saying as of now, I want the paper and video to be complements and not substitutes-Thanks Economics.


The habit of mind for this reflection is responsibility. No shit. I have a 300 XP project due in two weeks. That's responsibility. Where it kicks in is rather interesting though. There is responsibility in time-management. I could be hitting up clubs and partying (Though my girlfriend wouldn't let me) but you get my point. I'd rather edit the movie I'm working on but I can't until I do the paper and video for this project. Discipline and responsibility really go hand-in-hand. I am also responsible for writing a great paper and making a great video to accompany it. I would say there is pressure, but there is only pressure when you're not prepare. I am well prepared to crank out a great video and a great research paper. Now that I've talked myself up, backing it up is being responsible too ;).

I don't really know...


My homeboy Chris can understand how busy us students are already, and giving a project like this makes us contemplate life. I am editing the TWO movies my film class is making because no one else edits in Adobe Premier Pro or After Effects so I am tied to that, I am also working on a video for my project which will take a lot of time because mine will be longer.

I was in a similar situation of creating a video for a project last year for CALCULUS CLASS. How do you make an interesting video for Calculus? You have to take responsibility (Yes I purposely made the intro like a porno, and I sucked up to the teacher. So what)


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