Switzerland Calvin Fischer

Switzerland is a two branch confederacy made up of 26 cantons (states) that each have a set number of representatives in the Bundesversammlung, or federal assembly. This assembly is divided into two houses, much like America's congress, and these two houses are the Ständerat and Nationalrat. The Ständerat has two representatives for each canton and one for each split canton, regardless of population, while the Nationalrat has 200 representatives divided up based on each canton's population. The second branch is called Bundesgericht, and serves as the judicial branch of the Swiss government..

Swiss currency is called Franken, and much like the dollar, one franc is made of 100 rappen. Unlike America though, the smallest unit of currency in Switzerland is the fünfer, the Swiss equivalent of a nickel. The economy this money circulates through is divided into three sectors: agriculture, industry, and services. Of the three, the agriculture sector is considered the primary one and is heavily supported by the government, despite only making up about 10% of Swiss jobs. Then after that, 40% are in the industry sector, and the remaining 50% are in the services sector.

An example of the service sector
An example of the agricultural sector

Even though Switzerland has no official religion, much like America (believe it or not), many citizens recognize either the Catholic church or the Swiss reformed church. In fact, almost 40% of the country's population is Catholic. Some other religions in the country include Christian, Muslim, and Protestant.


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