Global Warming Hannah Otto

Are humans the cause of global warming?

As of 2015, people worldwide are dedicating their days to finding and solving the problem of the change in our climate. Year after year temperatures continues to increase. Although most may assume that the sun is the cause of the temperature increase, they are wrong. Human activities are causing global warming. In ways such as the “greenhouse effect,” scientific facts, and solutions all lead up to the cause and effect of global warming, though it can be resolved.

It is reasonable to assume that the sun has and is the cause of the rising climate; people say that the sun heats our planet, which it does, but it’s not the only one doing the job. Satellite data shows a very slight drop in the amount of energy given off from the sun, which all together cannot account for the 10% increase of this century’s climate change. The greenhouse is a process where heat is contained, then used to heat the surface of our planet. The process is quite simple; as the sun shines down on Earth, it is not fully being used. Water from oceans and living things on land absorb a large amount of heat, the rest reflects back into space. Some heat is captured by greenhouse gases, allowing just enough heat in our atmosphere for Earth to preserve life. “Human activities such as burning fossil fuels, agriculture and land cleaning are increasing a number of greenhouse gasses released,” stated by the Australian Government, the Department of the Environment and Energy. This is capturing extra, unneeded heat, resulting in an increase in temperature. Therefore, the sun does not seem as though it is responsible for the climate change.

There is more than a 95% probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed planet Earth. Our actions will indeed affect not only us but the environment. Impacts such as stronger hurricanes and severe weather heat, those of which can be life-threatening. Not all the effects may be bad, some may be helpful, like longer growing seasons for crops. Another effect, in general, is that the glaciers will melt and the sea levels will rise. However, though there are good and bad effects, over time the heat will just be too much and the negative effects will exceed the positive ones. The sooner we realise what we are doing to our planet, the quicker we can find solutions and put an end to global warming. During so, we can acquire a long-term solution that will help our future in the long run.

Undoubtedly, solar variability has played a role in the boost of temperature. The question is... how much? Humans are the major cause of global warming. However, most people presume that the sun is the cause because it is what heats our planet. In the 20th century, the heat level has expanded by twice as much (1.5 degrees F to 8.6 degrees F). Scientific studies have shown that the sun has only risen slightly, which is not accountable for over the 10% increase. Resulting in the fact that the sun is not highly likely to be causing this problem.

We can prove that humans are disrupting our climate. Although we have the proof most people and even scientists, in fact, do not believe human actions are the cause. Even after all the studies and satellite data provided, people still are yet to think that the sun is to blame. The more research that is being currently done, the more it looks to be us humans at fault. Efforts to resolve this crisis could be very beneficial; at the same time, they could be hurting us. Trying to reduce the unwanted gases in our atmosphere would be quite costly, causing more taxes and money out of our own pockets to pay towards a solution that may fail. It would be a lot easier to say the sun is responsible because it would be hard to fix something out of our control. Clearly, humans and the greenhouse is playing a role in this process. We can change where we went wrong, and make our world a better place for everyone. Human activities are playing a major role in global warming, and we are only making it worse for ourselves. Global warming is a serious issue. We can change our actions and end global warming.

Global warming is real and dangerous. In conclusion, Human activities are causing global warming. The “greenhouse effect,” scientific facts, studies and scientific facts, and solutions all lead up to the cause and effect of global warming, though it can be resolved. That is what global warming is, how it is happening, and how we can fix it. Let’s end global warming for all of us!








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