Harry Potter Biography Nate Bramlage

Harry Potter is a very unique person and without his special characteristics, the Harry Potter series would not be enticing at all. Three main character traits of Harry is that he is very opinionated, instinctive, and lionhearted. Harry is opinionated when he wants to figure something out, especially when it has a lot of importance to himself. One great example of this is the Mirror of Erised, or Mirror of Desire. It shows your greatest desire and so Harry wanted to use the Mirror to see his dead parents. The Mirror of Erised meant a lot to him so he was determined to use it. Harry Potter is instinctive because he always wants to find information, even if it is not meant for his ears. If there is an opportunity to know information, even if it is restricted and Harry knows that he will be in a lot of trouble if he is caught, he will roll the dice and try to figure out what he wants to know. In the first book, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are looking for Nicholas Flamel in the books at Hogwarts' library ever since Hagrid (the groundskeeper) let it slip that Nicholas had something to do with the Sorcerer's Stone. At Christmas time, Harry gets his dad's old invisibility cloak as a gift and at nighttime he went and looked in the Restricted Section of the library to look for Flamel. Harry Potter is lionhearted because he will do whatever it takes to protect other people but does not run around in battle willy-nilly and haphazardly. During the Battle of Hogwarts when Voldemort and his supporters are fighting the rebellion, Harry goes to let Voldemort kill him. He walks bravely down the halls of Hogwarts and through the battle, feeling all of the sad, angry, and tired emotions of the war. It takes a lot of courage to walk up to Voldemort, Harry's greatest enemy, and let him kill you easily. Harry Potter has a lot of characteristics, and the three that I have told you are very strong and powerful character traits that represent Harry Potter well.

Harry Potter has done a lot to the Wizarding world and the real world. In the stories, Harry destroys Voldemort throughout the span of the series. Everybody knows this already though, so I did not choose this as one of my "Important Contributions." Something that most people don't know is that Voldemort had a daughter named Delphini and she tries to go back in time to help her father out. This happens in the newest book, titled "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child." Delphini, or Delphi, gets her hands on a Time-Turner, the device that is used to go back in time. Delphi heads back to the day that Voldemort tried to kill Harry as a baby and she tries to tell her father to not do it. If Voldemort didn't try to kill baby Harry, Harry wouldn't be a Horcrux. A Horcrux is a forbidden spell that you can do to take part of your soul and put it into an object. With the help of Harry's son, Harry and his friends head back in time and stop Delphi before she can do any harm to the course of history and man-kind. Another contribution is that Harry destroyed the most powerful wand in the universe, which almost killed him. The wand has had a lot of nicknames over the years but in the story it is mostly called the "Elder Wand." In the movies, Harry snaps the wand in half and permanently destroys it. In the book, Harry uses the Elder Wand to mend his own broken wand. He then talks with Dumbledore's portrait (every headmaster lives in a portrait in the headmaster's office once they die) and decides to put the wand in Dumbledore's coffin. Once Harry dies from a natural death, the powers of the wand disappear. In the real world, the Harry Potter books have done a lot for readers around the globe. The series got a lot of kids to read, even if they don't like reading. 500 million copies of the books have been sold worldwide, making the Harry Potter books one of the world's most sold series. You may say one series isn't a lot of reading, but there are 3,727 pages in all of the books combined. With an average speed of one page per two minutes, that's more than 124 hours of reading. If you read 20 minutes every single day, that's 372 days of reading. It would probably be more days because you most likely won't read every single day for over a year. Harry Potter and his books and movies have done a lot to both the real world and the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter is famous for many reasons and it would take a long time to list all of them. I have picked three reasons that I think are important to why Harry Potter is famous. One reason is that he survived many encounters with Voldemort and his henchmen. An example of this is in Harry's 5th year, when Dolores Umbridge becomes headmaster and reigns terror over the Hogwarts. He persists through this challenge and keeps on working on stopping Voldemort. The wizard press loved to take the stories of Harry Potter and turn them around to make him look like the bad guy. This spread the word of Harry Potter and made the newspaper readers decide whether Harry's intentions were good or bad. Once Harry got more supporters he was able to defeat Voldemort, the greatest threat to the Wizarding World. Another reason Harry Potter is famous is because he forms "Dumbledore's Army," also in his fifth year at Hogwarts. Dumbledore's Army, or the DA, are at first a secret organization that recruit only the people Harry knows he can trust (also Hermione puts a jinx on the sign-up sheet that made the word "Sneak" appear on your face in dots if you told anybody about the DA). The DA was made to teach the members advanced defensive and offensive spells because their current Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was evil and worked for Voldemort. The DA continues to fight Voldemort throughout the years and eventually plays a key part in some of the biggest battles, including the Battle at the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic, the Battle on the Astronomy Tower, and the Battle of Hogwarts. In the real world, the Harry Potter series is famous because the books and movies are well written and thought-out. The books keep the readers on the edge of their seats as the series steers the reader through an amazing story. The movies do the same as the books, but bring the story to life in front of your eyes. If you go out and read an amazing book or see an awesome movie, you would want to tell your friends and family about it. This is what happened and the books blew up globally to make Harry Potter a household name. The series lets you grow with Harry and his friends, and teaches you the same lessons that the characters learn. Harry Potter is very famous, not only in Wizarding World but also in ours. There are many reasons for his fame and I have only listed three, which I think are important to his glory.

Harry Potter is a very important person in the Wizarding World. His experiences are most of the reason he is important. One experience that made Harry important is that he went into Dumbledore's memory via Dumbledore's Pensieve. Harry learned a lot of information about not only himself but also Dumbledore and his past. This made Harry trust Dumbledore more and get a better understanding of his ways, no matter how odd Dumbledore's actions seemed. Harry went back into the Pensieve many times and learned a lot. Another experience that made Harry important was way back when Harry was only newborn baby. Voldemort stormed into the Potter's home, with the intention of killing baby Harry. Both James (Harry's dad) and Lily (Harry's mom) stood up to Voldemort and died as a result. But what Voldemort didn't know was that the love Lily had for Harry made a boundary around Harry's home. So when Voldemort tried to kill Harry with a Killing Curse, the curse rebounded of Harry and into Voldemort, thus making Harry a Horcrux. If Harry was not a Horcrux the turnout of the story would be drastically different. If you head forward in time 18 years, to when Harry learns he is a Horcrux, Harry has an experience that made him defeat Voldemort. Harry had just learned that he was a Horcrux. He learned this from one of Snape's memories. Harry then heads into the Forbidden Forest to let Voldemort kill him (little did Voldemort know that he was also killing himself in doing this action). When Voldemort hits Harry with a killing curse, it does not kill Harry but destroys the Horcrux. Harry is technically still alive but is catapulted into a blank world, where he then talks to Dumbledore. Dumbledore talks to him in Harry's own mind, and explains everything that has happened and what Harry has to do. Dumbledore finishes the puzzle for Harry and all Harry has to do is kill Voldemort in a duel. Harry then comes back to life and sneaks away, then destroys Voldemort easily in a duel.

I admire Harry a lot for what he did and who he is. I like Harry because he doesn't like to listen or follow rules, but over time realizes that he doesn't know everything and needs help from other people. Harry was irresponsible and a troublemaker in his first few years but over time noticed that a lot of other people were willing to help him. He then starts to see that he cannot defeat Voldemort alone. Harry takes advice from others, and becomes very successful and wise. Harry always stayed a rule-breaker but toned it down a little bit. I also like Harry because, at the end of the last book, Harry admits himself to Voldemort, thinking that he will have to die to stop Voldemort. This is a very brave thing to do and I admire it. When Harry learns he has to die to kill Voldemort, he is grateful for everything that he has. Harry is also sad for all the people that have died to keep Harry alive. Harry thinks about all of the good times he and his friends have had at Hagrid's place, as he passes the hut. What Harry did was very brave, to walk right into Death's open arms. Another thing I admire about Harry is that Harry is a good friend and when he was competing in the Goblet of Fire, Harry had him and another competitor touch the cup at the same time. Harry and Cedric Diggory, another competitor that was also from Hogwarts, were helping each other during the final competition which was a maze. They reached the cup, or goblet, at the same time and they decided to touch it at the same time. The goblet determines the winner by whoever touches it first, so both Harry and Cedric were winners. Harry was very kind and friendly to not take the win for himself, but for Hogwarts. I admire Harry a lot for his qualities and what he has done for everyone around him.


I didn't use too many websites to figure out information, I used mostly the books for information because the details were written right there on the paper.

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