Sabrina Roy Transitions from Bird Middle to Walpole High School By Jordan Larkin and katie minsk

After middle school, students often stress about going into high school; however, for foreign language teacher Sabrina Roy, the transition was easier.

"[Teaching at Bird Middle School] helped prepare me for this job because I taught seventh and eighth grade at Bird,” Roy said, and she now teaches Spanish II. "I had a better understanding of what students already know or have done and studied how to bridge the gap between middle school and high school.”

Roy answers her students' questions during class. (Photo/Jordan Larkin and Katie Minsk)

At Walpole High School, Roy definitely thinks teaching here is a lot easier than teaching at the middle school but has also had to adjust her teaching style going into the high school. At the middle school, teaching in 90% Spanish was hard because seventh-graders did not have as much background.

“I was acting out every single word or drawing everything out on the board or trying really hard to be understood whereas now if I give directions in Spanish I don’t have to be as animated I suppose, I still am just as a habit, but I think it requires less explanation. You can get through more faster,” Roy said.

Only three months into the school year, Roy has already shown that she has made the adjustment to teaching in the high school.

Roy oversees and helps her students with their classwork. (Photo/Jordan Larkin and Katie Minsk)

Before her teaching career, Roy went into college thinking of majoring in film editing and videoing. She majored in this for the first two years before deciding to double-major in both film and the Spanish language in her junior year of college.

“I studied abroad in Spain and I lived with a family and they didn't speak any English and I was there for a semester,” Roy said.

Prior to her working at Walpole High School, Roy worked at Bird Middle School, also in the town of Walpole, for three years and at Dedham High School for two years. At Dedham High, her first teaching job, she was a teaching assistant for one year and a Spanish teacher for another.

Roy gives instructions about an activity in class. (Photo/Jordan Larkin and Katie Minsk)

Freshman Sophie St.George has had Roy as a teacher in middle school and now has her as her Spanish II teacher this year.

“It made it easier to come to the high school knowing there was at least one teacher that I knew especially knowing it was Ms. Roy,” St. George said.

St. George finds her fun, interactive learning environment to be welcoming and enjoys going to class. Learning a new language can be challenging at times; however, Roy finds ways to make it less intimidating and incorporates activities that appeal to the students to keep them focused.

“She is the best teacher I’ve ever had because she can always relate to her students and always finds a way for us to enjoy learning and become better at Spanish,” St. George said.

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