Stephen Wyatt

I am a web developer for the Charleston County School District. l believe learning is a ongoing process in life, and try not to waste any opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Baseball has returned from hiatus!

My short video is based on the beginning of the baseball season. Spring Training has begun and it signals that spring is soon to be upon us!

I don't own any of the audio of the video used for this project!

The most important thing when producing videos is not necessarily the skill of the person who is editing, but the quality of the footage and the ability to use it to effectively tell a story."

My hometown is a beautiful place and hundreds of videos are available online that would be fantastic for this project. I wanted to try to put my own spin and use new tools. I downloaded a plugin and was going to try to use the Ken Burns effect. The problem with this technique is that it is not necessarily effective for a short project like this one because it makes the animation too quick. Because of this, I manually controlled the animation.


I have always had a passion for video because I love to tell stories and I believe that short one to two-minute videos is the best way to do it.

Unfortunately, my jobs have never consistently needed editing work, so it hinders my workflow with video. Having a class that provides topics and provides a platform to learn new skills and hone prior ones is great!

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