Harn Museum of Art Reed quin

In this painting called Figuras constructivas by Joaquin Torres-Garcia, I was really interested in the medium of the art as well as the technique of the artist. When I saw it in person it caught my eye because it was very abstract and there was so much going on that it really intrigued me. It really made me curious as to how he made it and what was going through his mind when he created it. I wasn't really sure what to make of it but I think that was the purpose of the painting. I believe the artist was leaving this open to interpretation and it definitely worked for me because it left me very confused.

This section was my favorite wing of the museum because all of the different paintings were very interesting to me. They all gave me a different feeling which is something that none of the other exhibits really did. Some of the more abstract paintings were really confusing to me but interesting at the same time while some of the other more clear paintings really appealed to me and my interests.

In these paintings called Volcano Series no. 2 which were painted by Ana Mendieta, they really appealed to some of my core values. Earlier in my life I used to go out in nature a lot more and just relax in my hammock and enjoy the view. That's why these pictures appealed to me because although I have never seen a volcano in person, it reminded me of when I used to just enjoy nature as a whole. Nature meant a lot to me because when I moved to Florida I didn't really know anyone and I used nature to get away from everything and enjoy myself. It really allowed me to find myself as a person and after I got older I stopped relaxing which is something I wish I got back to.

In this painting called Sheep Wranglers by Justine Kerland I feel like the theme of family stands out. They are all together wrangling sheep and I feel like working together as a family is really vital to living the good life. This is definitely something that I have experienced because my family has always been very close and we used to do a lot more stuff together before my sister and I went to college. Since then we have grown apart a little because my sister just recently graduated and moved away to Atlanta. As enjoyable as it is to be away from my parents sometimes, I definitely miss them and would really love spending time with my whole family again just like the family is doing in the painting.

Harn Museum of Art. Visit Gainesville, https://www.visitgainesville.com/attractions/harn-museum-of-art/

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