Jackie Robinson By:Sydney Kemper

Early life

Jackie Robinson as a kid

Jackie Robinson was born January 31,1919 in Cairo Georgia. He had three brothers and one sister. His family was a sharecropper. Him and his mother moved to Pasadena, California. He went to Muir High School. He went to University of California. When he was at UCLA he played basketball,baseball,and football.

Why Jackie Robinson is Famous

Jackie Robinson slideing while playing baceball

Jackie Robinson is famous because he is the first Black person to get on Major League Baseball team.He also played for the Brooklyn Dogger. He broke the color barrier for baceball. He was Rookie of the year in 1949 and 1950.

Jackie Robinsonś Accomplishments

Jackie Robinson getting an award

Jackie Robinson accomplishments were that he broke the color barrier. He also was so great that he was in the Hall of Fame. He played in six World Series. He also did not get mad about what people said about him, and what people did to him. That was very brave to do that, I know would not do that.

Jackie´s Impact he had

One of Jackie's quotes

Jackie's impact was that he inspired other black people to play on a Major League Baseball team. He stood or his rights and he inspired other people to do that to. He also inspired other things as well.

How Jackie Robinson is Celebrated

Jackie Robinson holding his jersey

Jackie Robinson is celebrated by on April 13. All the baseball players where the number 42 to celebrate Jackie Robinson on April 13.


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