Sink or swim Photos by Kelsey Jones and Emma main

Freshman Noah Diallo dives off the starting block during a 50 yard practice race. Photo by Emma Main

The girls swim team prepares for their first swim meet on Nov. 19 against Ben Davis, while the boys swim team prepares for Roncalli on Nov. 23.

Senior Blake Kottlowski laughs after making a joke with Coach Matthew Jeffries. Photo by Emma Main
Looking in the mirror, freshman Karlyn Fox begins her 4x6 dumbbell overhead press. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Junior Clark Wilson catches the frisbee after beating his defender, sophomore Samuel Mayer. The swim team plays ultimate frisbee as a dry-land activity to build speed. Photo by Emma Main
The boys and girls swim teams take the blocks before swimming one of two 50 yard practice races. Photo by Emma Main
During weights, senior Daniel Hiller rolls out with barbell rollouts. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Junior Caroline Reinke laughs at her teammates while going through drills with a kickboard. Photo by Emma Main
Daniel steps around Kottlowski to throw the Frisbee to a teammate during dry-land. Photo by Emma Main
Starting her 3x8 workout, Lucy rolls out during barbells. Photo by Kelsey Jones