The Motoroamer's April Newsletter - our Greek Odyssey begins!

It seems really hard to imagine that only a month ago we were in Spain enjoying the company of our bestie in Barcelona and now here we are, having travelled through Italy and on over to Greece. And we've been here already for nearly three weeks. It never ceases to amaze us quite how fast time flies.

Although before we regale you with tales of our Greek Odyssey, we must first delight you with our Spanish finale and boy did we go out with a bang! We have loved our four months in Spain and have truly grown to love the country, its customs and the way it sits so comfortably in its own skin. That said, moving into Catalan, that considers itself a separate country and not part of Spain, there is a definite shift in attitude when you talk to the locals about their heritage and passions. We loved Barcelona - I've been there before although it was great to revisit it and reconnect with sights I've not seen for a decade or two. It's a diverse city with beautiful art, fountains that light up at night and a few cathedrals and museums that sit in direct contrast with the Neu Camp football stadium.

The new line up for Barcelona FC?

One of the best bits of our sojourn in the Catalan capital was exploring beyond Barcelona. It's so tempting to stay within the city walls, although there's always so much more to experience when you step out into the 'beyond'. Monserrat Mountains, the Monastery and Sitges were three such great examples of our outer-city experiences that enriched our final few days in this lovely part of the world. Here's just a flavour of some of what we immersed ourselves in and a couple of blogs that try to sum up our Barca Best Bits.

Monserrat Mountains, Catalan

And then the day came when we made our transition from Spain to Greece, via Italy. We decided to go by ferry and not road as we wanted to make the most of the Greek spring before we melted in the summer sunshine. So we hopped, skipped and jumped from Barcelona with GRIMaldi Lines, which was filled with noisy teenagers and a cabin with no working toilet. So you can imagine the type of 26hr crossing it was. Still we arrived safely and on time and back on Italian soil.

Our route through Italia

Now you might recall that not all our experiences in Bella Italia were glowing so we had purposely limited our time here. Well we have to hold up our hands and say that Italy well and truly smacked us in the chops and had us eating humble pie. The sights we saw during our 10 day trip were quite outstanding. Bracciano Lake, just outside Rome was delightful, the east coast of Italy and in particular the Gargano Peninsular were breathtaking. And then we found Matera, a city built into a gorge and Alberobello with its unique Trulli buildings. Wow what a trip and some incredible sights, that will have us returning to this southern side of Italy, without doubt. Although for now, Greece was calling us!

Matera, Southern Italy

After a 9 hour ferry on Anek Lines from Bari in Italy, where we could sleep on board, we finally arrived in Greece - 11 April, our Greek Odyssey finally begins. We were so excited that we forgot Greece was another hour ahead than western Europe. Still we soon got over it and in that moment, our love affair with this incredible country began. And what a start to wake up to this view! I must admit to a couple of leaky eyed moments when I saw our new 'home' in the early morning light.

Drapano Beach, Igoumentisa, Greece

We took some time to really chill out as our race across Italy and the madness of March had taken its toll. So we stopped at this fabulous spot for a week until a rendez-vous with our friends from Follow your Motorhome arrived. Then our tour well and truly began.

Greece has been a delight. The coastline is stunning, the mountains so magnificent, and every corner we've turned it has surprised us beyond belief. It's so luscious and green, not what we were expecting at all. Azure seas, clear and sparkling waters and sandy beaches that look like they've come straight out of a magazine for the Maldives. History held deep within the Greek soil intrigues you with its amphitheatres and ruins that are home to the ghosts from the ancient past. Whilst more recently, the devastation in Kalavrita in the Peloponnese mountains, in 1943 by Nazis in their dominance over the Resistance during the Second World War massacring over 500 male inhabitants leaves you humbled beyond belief. Greece is certainly touching our hearts. The wild camping is spectacular here and the friendly locals seem so very welcoming and warm. Their friendly smiles light up their economic doom that seems to have dogged this country for too long. Although there are no signs of desperation here at all. We just know Greece is going to continue inspiring us with its sensational food, its culture and its landscape. And we can't wait to show you what we've found. In the meantime here's a little taster.

Epidavros bay

Secluded coves in Epidavros

Lefkas for lunch

Wild camping spot in Epidavros

Lefkas Island, Greece

Parga, mainland Greece

Patras, Pelopennese

Corinth Canal

Epidavros Sanctuary

Epidavros Amphitheatre

So that's our whirlwind month that saw us travel in three different countries and now we can concentrate on breathing in the beauty that Greece has to offer. So until next month, we'll love and leave you.

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