Dessert with a twist Review: Churroholic

by : Vienna Perez

Trendy dessert places are people's biggest interest in today's society whether it is rolled ice cream, nitrogen dipped cereal, or in my case churros with a variety of toppings and ice cream.

Their websites gives you the first impression by saying “Allow your taste buds to take full advantage of our passion for dessert. What better way than to finish your day with a warm, fresh, crisp churro”.

Churroholic is a Spanish-inspired dessert line that was founded in 2017. With 9 locations in California, 7 in Texas, and 3 in Arizona, being able to experience and taste the warm freshly fried churros from Churroholic won't be hard. Churrolic was created by parent company, Hiccups, an asian fusion restaurant. Hiccups and Churrolic are both owned by Sky and Khiem Hoang with the goal according to their website to “create a welcoming environment in which friends, family, and new acquaintances can gather around for a pleasant cultural and communal experience”.

Driving along the calm street of Carson passing condos and beautiful nature sets the mood for the afternoon. When arriving, Churroholic is located under rented condos along with other businesses such as Hiccups and Crab Shack. Parking is located behind the shop where it shares a parking lot with the other businesses.

When first entering the dessert placed you are welcomed with the smell of fresh churros being made. The smell of cinnamon sugar and frying dough overwhelmed your nose making it impossible for you not to crave a churro. When ready to order the menu has so many options making it almost impossible to pick something. From different ice cream flavors, churros and toppings, milk teas, frapps, and fruit slushes, made you become so indecisive to choosing one thing. When coming to the decision of ordering a chocolate and almond covered churro + cookies and cream ice cream made my stomach growl.

When first eating the churro you bite into a crunchy but soft sweet cinnamon treat. The toppings you chose to add make the churro your eating more than delicious. The ice cream tops everything off. The ice cream of your choice is the perfect pair for the churro making them both satisfy your cravings.

There is variety of choices you can choose from that will be to your satisfaction. Almond and chocolate, coconut and chocolate, matcha and fruity pebbles, cookies and cream, or chocolate and sprinkles. Along with many other desserts in a variety of flavors. Weather craving a churro or a fruit slush they have both to fit your craving.

At Churroholic there is no way you wont find a perfect dessert that will make your taste buds explode and have you leave with a smile on your face.

Churroholic. E Carson St #102, Carson, CA 90745. (310) 500-2558. http://www.churroholic.com/. Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 2PM - 10PM. Thursday - Saturday 2PM - 11PM. Chrruos, Blended Frappe, Slushes, Milkshakes, and Ice cream. Prices: $3.95 - $7.50 Parking: Located behind stores, shared with other business around


Created with an image by Alfian Azrai - "I queued for like 15 minutes straight just to get the chocolate one then when it was my turn to order the staff told me that the chocolate one ran out.Was pretty bummed out but nevertheless still enjoyed the ordinary churros."