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I think that war is when country's get mad at each other and have major fights for a long time and it scares the residence's a lot because you could die at any moment and you feel yourself sweat and muscle's tense up. Then you hear the tanks roll in for battle.

In World War II, people in those country's probably felt scared, nervous to see the planes fly above thinking they might drop bomb's and your just shaking because of the sounds you hear of the planes.


My neighbor's are friend's that care and trust you. They might even die for you. That's why i like having good neighbors.

I would help my neighbor's out and help them survive from the bombs dropping and exploding near by. I think my neighbor's would also help us out because my neighbor's are really nice.

Number Of Stars

There might be a war throughout the book. It might be stationed throughout Germany. There might be a couple of main characters running throughout Germany trying to get away from the war. The theme might be Action,Adventure,Drama because the bomb's exploding, the hill's to climb, the people who die also.

Literary Analysis

1. I think she means be like the rest of the world so you wont get in trouble. 2. So she wont get in trouble again for running.

Mama says, "Be one of many." I think this means to be like other people and not get in trouble again. Like just be an ordinary person instead of being immature.

"Well,' Annemarie said slowly, "now i think that all of denmark must be bodygaurd for the jews, as well."

So Denmark can give them peace and die for them too. Instead of the Nazis taking away the Jews rights for Denmark. They would probably do anything for them to live like hiding them in their houses, even supporting them with food.

"Hold still. This will hurt" She grabbed the little gold chain with all her strength broke it. As the door opened and light flooded into the bed room, she crumpled it not her hand and closed her finger tightly."

1. Annemarie felt scared that they will take Ellen away. The Nazi`s might not only take her away with her parents but they might also kill them. 2. They were similar because she was scared in chapter 3 cause they might take Ellen away. In chapter 5 she had Nazi soldiers in her apartment with Ellen there and Ellen is a Jew so she was almost caught red handed right there in Annemarie`s apartment. 3. It could mean that they could be really close that they aren't just friends, best friends, best friends forever its like they are sisters.


We just read that there is a casket in uncle Henrik's living room because someone died. Then Henrik took Ellen outside to speak to her and she came back in with her mom and her dad. Therefore I think that one of Ellen's family members died whom was really close to her...

We just read that they will get on a ship so I think that the ship might get hit and sink, then no one will survive, and then it will be investigated by the Nazi`s and find out it was one of their ships. They will find Jews on that ship with Henrik. Then the Johanson’s will get arrested and maybe killed.


Man vs Nature

Annemarie was taking the package to her uncle because Mr. Rosen dropped it so she ran as fast as she could through the woods to take it to him but got stopped by soldiers but made it to him.

Man vs Nature means man taking on the wild like camping , fishing, road trips basically anything that has to do with the wild.

Man vs Society

Denmark and the Jews had to fight against the Nazis so they wouldn't take over but they are secretly fighting against them but they don't know so they keep doing it secretly but they won so Denmark is now clear of Nazis for now...

Man vs Society is like going against the world like a war or people against a certain part of the country. Its like people hated Hitler because of what he did to the world he would abuse his power to become powerful but it didn't go as planned for him.

Man vs Self

Annemarie went against the soldiers in the woods but she didn't know anything about the package so she was acting like her little sister Kristi who was a silly little girl but Annemarie was brave and she kept it a secret because she really didn't know what was in the package so she did good.

Man vs Self is like a one person against the other. One example is becoming the president/vice president when Trump went against Hillary but won by a good bit.

Man vs Man

Kirsti wasn't afraid of the soldiers cause she didn't know they were bad so she acted like a silly little girl which she was but now she is all grown up.

Man vs Man means someone vs someone else. Example: like in football, fencing, and other sports were all against each other.



Be kind and caring to your friends and you may get that back. Treat them how you want to be treated and they may treat you like that. Ellen and Annemarie really showed that in the book Number The Stars.

The books is mostly about the war and the Nazi's station in Denmark so now Denmark is "on their side" but they really aren't. Ellen And Annemarie make it through the war with a lot of close moments.

Vocabulary words

Lanky & Stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, these words are comparing the girls by their physical features, which are opposite because it uses the word "unlike."

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

Suffix: -y relating to or filled with; Other words messy, cheesy, lucky.


Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad line damaged so that goods couldn't be transported.


But Kirsti reached up and pushed the soldiers hand away. "Don't," she said loudly.


"Wait for me!" wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening.

To give a cry of pain, grief (sadness), or anger.


Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt.

Disapproval and disgust.


Thinking of Lise, her solemn, lovely sister always made her sad.

Solemn means series.


It was so long a time since they had dared to use strictly rationed electricity after dark that the light in the room seemed startling to Annemarie.

A limited amount in order to save a time in need.


Ellen stood on tip toe again, and made an imperious gesture with her arm.

A leader who abuses his powers.


Ellen and Annemarie both smiled tentatively.

It means to be unsure or nervous.


She looked down, and saw that she had imprinted the star of David into her palm.

To leave a mark in something.

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