Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson wrote satirical, comedic plays. His works include, Volpone, Epecoene, and The Silent Woman. He was born in London, England, in 1572. Jonson spent most of his time in London, and wrote many of his famous works there as well. He received a classical education and studied theater in his off time and as one of his first jobs.

Jonson wrote Volpone in 1606 in order to express his feelings toward human tendency. This play centered around a cast that tried to outsmart each other. Within the play, greed takes over good judgement and because of that things for not work out for the main character.

Jonson´s works primarily were humanism and naturalism. His plays were comedies, and they portrayed humans in their natural form. They focused on greed and human tendency, which is natural for humans. Also, it is portrayed as acceptable to make those mistakes and learn from them.

Ben Jonson took pride in his satirical works and they were very clever. Because he was a play writer, he did not have patrons. He had his plays acted out for the audience to enjoy. He wrote in the same time as Shakespeare, and many consider him to be second only to Shakespeare. Jonson lived and wrote in the Golden Era of Play Writing.


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