Miami to Tokyo: Ocean Adventure by: Sanjay & Markel

*Sanjay writes*1/19/17 9:00 am- On a cloudy day In Miami, Florida; Me and my friend Markel decided to go on a random boat ride and do some deep sea fishing. For about 28 minutes, Me and Markel caught about 40 different fishes to put in the back of the boat. The motor on the boat suddenly stops, but the boat keeps moving by the natural movement of the ocean Me and Markel start to panic but decided to continue and enjoy the trip as the boat sails.

Boat moving on own in ocean

*Markel writes* 1/20/17- We are now In Georgia and we passed though the North Equilateral, The boat went 13 degrees north, with a speed of 12 cm. With toads, crocodiles, and sea turtles.

*Sanjay writes* 1/21/17- Our boat turned 90 degrees west with the speed of 13 cm where we saw some dolphins. The dolphins were In the coastal shelf deep ocean. At first we seen 1, then there were 4, 8, 20, etc. We came to notice that they roll in groups. They are grey with a oval shaped body and triangles for fins. They look like they weigh between 130 to 400 pounds. I gave them 25 pieces of fish, then they ate some mackerel. I watched as they all worked together to catch their prey. I can tell that they survive by living with their groups to protect one another. They are so amazing.

*Markel writes* 1/21/17 (continued) - Suddenly, a jellyfish came. It was pink, with a circle top with lines on them. They look to be about 450 pounds. They have an epidermis, which protects the inner organs. I gave them the rest of fish to eat. It used it's tentacles as drift nets when they are hunting, as they find their prey, they sting them to death and paralyze them. I was shocked when I saw the dolphins playing with the jellyfish. The dolphins like to use them as a nature ball. They also like to remove them from the little fish that uses jellyfishes as a habitat.

*Sanjay writes* 1/21/17- Dolphins know that the top side of the jelly does not sting so, they like to push around the moon jellyfish.

*Markel writes* 1/22/17- We are now In South Carolina, In the South Equilateral. The water temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, with the boat speed of 11.3 cm, the ocean floor topography passed 33 degrees west. We saw some penguins swimming right by us, I'm surprised that they didn't charge at us or feel threatened. They just continued to swim and looked for some food.

*Sanjay writes* 1/23/17- We've reached Brazil, How amazing! The water current temperature was 12 degrees South, with the speed of 14 cm. Even though Brazil is so beautiful, we can't stay for long, the boat continues to move.

*Markel writes* 1/24/17, 11:05 a.m.- We have arrived towards the South Atlantic water current. The water temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, with the speed of 20 cm, and the ocean floor topography passed 40 degrees South. The boat made a sudden shake. I looked back and seen a sea lion, It looked like It was trying to hurt us. Good thing It was not fast enough, and the boat scooted pass. 6 minutes later we seen a humpback whale. It seemed so friendly, I felt the need to go fishing for more fish, just to feed him. Randomly, I saw a little starfish moving along the sea floor.

*Sanjay writes* 1/26/17, 3:00 p.m.- In the next 2 days, we arrived in the Angola water current. The water temperature was 24 degrees South, with the speed of 34 cm and the ocean floor topography passed of 12 degrees South. When I looked down to observe the water, I seen this frightening looking Cretaceous fish but in 16 minutes of swimming, It got eaten by a shark. Once I witnessed that, I got so scared but, It's a good thing I didn't stick my hand in the water because, the shark just swam by and carried on with it's day.

*Markel writes* 1/30/17,5:00 p.m.- A long 4 days later we end up in the North Equilateral. The water temperature is 13 degrees North with the speed of 10 cm. I saw something so tragic. There was a marine Iguana to the left of us eating brown algae. In about 4 minutes, the Iguana turned over and died. Then suddenly a sea turtle came along and ate the algae too but he was able to live on.

*Sanjay writes* 2/3/17, 10:00 a.m.- After me and Markel woke up, we came to realize that we are In Japan!!! The water temperature is 90 degrees West, with the speed of 12 cm. The fish there were so beautiful , all in different colors. There were spider crabs eating some sea plants and I seen a lantern shark attacking a krill. Even though Japan is so great to look at, I can't wait till we find some help to go back home.

*Markel writes* 2/4/17- We found a Japan mechanic that gave us a outer board motor that is self contained and can propel boats through water at fast speeds. They also provide steering control and act as a rudder when the engine is off. Outboard motors came In variety of power levels and can be used for small water craft to large fishing boats. These motors can be easily detached from a boat for repair or storage or transformed to other boats for continued use.

*Sanjay writes* 2/5/17- It is going to take us about 5 days to go back home but, I will be worth it to experience the ocean life once more.


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