Wildlife Conservation By:griffin oxley

wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild plant and animal species and their habitats.and leaving them from going extinct

Summary: The summary for today is that Wildlife conservation is meant to protect the wildlife and to prevent extinction of all wildlife and make raise the population of that wild life because without wildlife humans would be in a huge situation because wildlife shapes our world and gives us resources to help us live our daily lives.


Environmental conservation is important for many reasons, including protecting the ozone layer, maintaining animal and human food chains, preserving drinkable and safe water and making efficient use of non-renewable resources.


Summary: we must protect our environment because without it we would have no air to breath no ozone to protect our earth and we would have no resources to help us live our daily lives but some people don't realize that and that't kinda scary so we need to start picking it up and be ready to fix it.

The protection of the environment helps keep water safe and drinkable for humans and animals for example when humans use pestisides is infects the plants which could lead to infecting the water and without clean water it will lower irrigation and lessen the food supply
A bee is a good example of why we need wildlife conservation since bee's are a huge part of pollination in our system and without them many flowers and trees would die.

Summary: people don't realize the importance of even the smallest insect because like was said before at the top without bees we wouldn't have any trees or any flowers and worlds nature would be gone and we would no be able to wake up in the morning and have the fresh smell of flowers in the air. so we need to protect them.


Bee's are starting to die off and we need to change that because like I said if they are not around a lot of our planet may die off and we could lose a lot of oxygen since the trees will die.
Solutions: wildlife management is one solution where we stabilize the animal population so that theirs not to many of this one species to where it cant kill off this other species, for example foxes and rabbits. Another solution is to stabilize and manage hunting.


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