The World According To Peter l.



What makes a good citizen? A good citizen means following the rules and laws that are enforced by the government. Yet they have responsibilities to, for example picking up after your self, or being nice to a person when their having a hard time. Citizens also have rights for example, you have the right to vote, own property, freedom of speech. All these things make a great citizen.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited government?

There is a difference between unlimited and limited government for the amount of power they have. Limited government has rules and can't do anything they want. For an example, take the US we have a limited government. Because our leaders can't do whatever they want. We have a limited government. Unlimited government can do whatever they want, and no one can stop them. For example, dictatorship is unlimited because there is nothing anyone can stop the dictator. Also North Korea is an example of unlimited government. Limited and unlimited government are different in looking of the power the government has and the “say” people have.

Many of the forces in the EU are centrifugal and centripetal for cooperation. first, a centrifugal force is wealth. for example, the western side of Europe is more likely to be more wealthy than the eastern side of Europe. So the eastern side feels like they are less important, but in reality the EU wants to make everyone feels like they have a say. yet there are centripetal forces to like the, euro. for example, the euro can make it very easy to travel from nation to nation. Also it helps the common market and trade. It helps trade and the common market so that the people who work there don't have to change the currency into euro. there are many centrifugal forces and centripetal forces in the EU.

which would be easier to live in, sahara or Sahel?

There are way more oasis in the Sahara. Oasis give water to local towns, also date palms grow in oasis which give fruit, and shade. Another reason is, the Sahara is cooler than the Sahel. This makes it harder to farm, find water, find food, in the Sahel. The Sahara and Sahel are not ideal 5 star hotels but if it came down to it I would rather live in the Sahara, because too many things point to the Sahara for a better life.

how might having a valuable resource affect a region?

having an effective resource can make the life expectancy go up and infant mortality rate go down. for example, one of SW and Central Asia is oil reserves, and that can make all of us live longer. oil in SW and Central Asia has made a big difference in life expectancy. The life expectancy has gone up 15 years. Also, infant mortality rate has gone down. This means that when your a baby it's going to be less like die. This proves that oil has a big affect on our life, and especially in the Middle East.


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