Keolahoukeaolaʻi Luksic Photographer

One Day Keola asked to go on a photo shoot and letʻs shoot the park. He said, " We will start at Kula Park, then Kokea Park, then Pukalani Park.


He brought his notebook and wanted to check off all the photos we took and make sure we took all the good ones.

He guided me to locations and pointed out things of interest, and after almost every photo he would ask me what I thought of the shot, I would discuss composition with him and what I liked about it.


When we got to Keokea Park he wanted to shoot with the mono pod, and would set up shots with the focus and intensity to rival any pro.

Lining up the shot

I found my hero, my muse and my motivation. Thanks for looking at my story,

My Superhero
Created By
Stephen Luksic

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