Harn Art Museum By Dylan lyden

Medium/Technique of the Artist: Seeing this painting in real life was the firs time I had ever seen an oil painting. It immediately caught my attention as the strokes and detail literally stick out of the painting. The picture itself brings me comfort and happiness as it is reminiscent of Colorado, my birthplace, on a Summer day.
Design of the Museum: The David A Cofrin Asian Art Wing was the section that I found most appealing. It was organized very well and the content inside, such as the Buddha statue was most appealing to me. The displays they had were in very appropriate places for their respective worth. The outside garden set up for observation was also very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
Art and Core Values: This Buddha piece reminded me of respect and self-discipline. The Buddha was a very honorable figure who is very well respected by millions today. His views on self-discipline to achieve enlightenment resonate with my core values as I try to be as strong willed as I can be with anything I do. The piece and its detail made me think of my positive qualities and appreciate them more.
Art and the Good Life: The above photo of Frida and Diego is a piece from a collection of works where Diego captures his love, Frida, in many different perspectives. This specific photo screamed sharing the good life. Diego captures what his version of a good life is as he spends his time photographing and enjoying his partner. Sharing the good life and finding someone to love and care for is pivotal in my personal quest, so I appreciated the love I saw in this picture.


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