Cause & Effect Jordan wheeler

Mrs. Lyon 4A May 3, 2017

Cause 1: One of the things that the Europeans wanted to learn more about was technology. They asked people if they could help them when they wanted to started learning about technology. They need peoples help by funding money to help pay for the technology. Money was hard to get so things were more expensive. A website ( Owlcation) says : "Monarchs provided the funding and support needed for inventors to work long hours". Working long hours helped Europeans and their Wants & needs
Effect 1: Since the European wanted to learn more about technology, it affected them by having the Europeans having to communicate, navigate & globalize. But all those things help them in the long run. They met new people, it also helped them by causing to advance on mapping. On the website ( owlcation), it says, "... Significant advancrs were made in charts & mapping allowed for more efficient & detailed communication of navigational information". But because of this effect, it allowed them to bild technology in the ships for them to go fast and have the ships go longer distances
Cause 2: The Europeans were very curious people. They have never experienced outside of their town or homes. With being so curious and haven't experienced anything, curiosity became something that they wondering about. They wanted to go and explore around the world and experience new things. In our class notes, we talked about Columbus and how he wanted to explore and find new places. With that, he set out to find what he wanted. Columbus gave the Europeans an idea to explore so they did.
Effect 2: With the Europeans being curious and wanting to explore around , they did. But wanting to explore and being curious effected them because they found resources. They found a lot of resources along the Nile River. While they explored, they did a lot of trading with other people, Learn different life styles while being in China. They learned about the different items that were being traded. They also learned about silk. In our class notes, we talked about how Columbus found many resources just like the Europeans did.


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