Syrian War by: hayley Yount

The Syrian War was a conflict between the government and those who were trying to get them kicked out. The people who were against the government were protesting to try and get their point through to the government. The start of a quiet protest which was very peaceful and had no harm. It quickly escalated to a violent bloody war, that seemed to have no end to it. This civil war lasted for a very long time and the United Nation estimated nearly 220,000-400,000 people were killed during this long bloody war.
During the Incubation stage a large percentage of the group of patients got a hold of the disease after being in Lebanon for more than 8 weeks. The Syrians were encouraged by the power of popular an headed streets to make sure that their voices were heard. The civil war began because there was some disagreements from the government and the people that did not want them to stay in office. Then the people began to calmly protest about their opinion. They did so where they knew that they would be heard, like on busy streets.
Bashar al-Assad has been the leader of Syria since 2000. Once his father died after the 30 years that he was in charge. The up-raising began in March of 2011. After a simple up-raising it spiraled out of control very quickly into a civil war. As of December of 2016 48.1 million civilians had fled the country and 6.3 million have been displaced internally.
During the systematic stage they requested an end to all violence. The war is still going on now many years later. It is not as bad as it begun as but is still continuous.


Created with images by Arian Zwegers - "Aleppo, Great Mosque" • Taras Kalapun - "demonstration in Homs" • Arian Zwegers - "Aleppo, Great Mosque, studying and sleeping" • Newtown grafitti - "Syria sanctions protest, III" • Cristian Ştefănescu - "In a place now called ISIS"

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