Carving by sophie Milner-G.

This is the machine that is used to carve the carvings. Right now someone was making something that is going to have a blue background and a white carved part.

This is some things you could use to trace, you could also use photoshop.

This is the final trace after i printed out the picture and traced it. i chose to trace this because it is for my sister, and she is very political. This is a picture of a feminist symbol. I chose this symbol for my sister.

This is after after you have traced and then taken a picture of the trace. This website is called easal.inventsbles. You have to fix things and make things smaller.

This is an image of my carving that is about to be carved in the machine called "Carvey". What you have to do is only connect your image to a laptop then set up the Carvey machine. After that the carvey machine does the rest.

This is the final product, it looks like a bad picture because it was very dark in the room. B ut this is the final carving after all of that work.

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