Chinese New Year Philippines

The Philippines is one of the nine countries in Asia to celebrate the world known holiday, the Chinese New Year. It is estimated that approximately one sixth of the global population enjoys this holiday.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on different dates every year. In 2017, it starts on January 8th and is symbolized by one of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac. This year it is represented by the rooster.

To honor the Chinese New Year, citizens clean their homes from top to bottom and this chases away bad luck.

Also, before the Chinese New Year people apply a fresh coat of red paint to windows and doors to ward off evil spirits.

During the Chinese New Year many traditions are performed to celebrate the holiday including lantern parties.

Before the feast, many families light off dazzling fireworks.

Once the fireworks have been displayed, the entire family sits down to enjoy a mouth watering, ten course meal that includes the main dish being fish. The fish symbolizes the abundance of the next year. When eating the fish it will bring a surplus of money and good luck.

Some foods eaten on Chinese New Year are dumplings, spring rolls, and rice cakes.

An ancient tradition called Hong Bao, meaning red-packet, takes place where married couples give money inside of red envelopes to children and unmarried adults.

At the end of the Chinese New Year thousands of people go to the Festival of Lanterns to sing, dance, create lanterns, and party.


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