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Nature Facts

Hello everyone,

This magazine isn't just about nature it's also about the way we are supposed to treat nature and the ecosystem. I know that some people care about it some just have fun killing it or ruining it. Well that isn't okay because the way we treat nature reflects us and the way we treat our selves because we owe our life to nature and nature doesn't owe us anything but we expect everything to be given to our greedy hands. But when they give it to us we are supposed to give them respect which doesn't really happen when we kill trees, destroy forests. This isn't going to stay this way unless we pay back. So get up and warn people around you!

We owe nature...


Earth Day began in 1970. The idea came from the US Senator, Gaylord Nelson who was disgusted by the oil spill near Santa Barbara, California. He died in 2005 but left behind something special and significant for the world.

People’s values connect so that they can achieve something on Earth Day for nature.

"In 1995, President Bill Clinton awarded Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom for being the founder of Earth Day. This is the highest honor given to civilians in the United States.”


April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day. The main idea of Earth Day was to stop pollution, oil spills, use of dangerous chemicals in factories, etc.

There have been many achievements from Earth Day over the years. For example in 2002, California passed a law to use renewable energy and solar energy with laws that need to be met by 2030. Another example is ‘Cradle to Cradle’ which was published by William McDonough and Michael Braungart which suggests ways to get rid of made man waste in production and design. Also in 1987 countries came together to talk about the chemicals that were being used which damaged the ozone layer so laws were made and the chemicals that were damaging the ozone were outlawed. One final achievement we want to mention even there were many over the years, from 1070 to 2017, happened in 1982. Unfortunately to make money for commercials purposes, or to make ‘scientific’ hunts, whales were being killed. In 1982 these unfortunate actions were stopped.


Today, one billion people around the world celebrate Earth Day each year. People plant trees, start recycling projects, and raise awareness in their communities. This way people get awareness and care about the ecosystem. There is even an Earth Day flag – the picture on the flag is taken from Apollo 17 on its way to the moon.

By: Lara Ann TÜRELİ


1: “What is Earth Day”

2: “What has been achieved because of Earth Day?”

A video about Earth and how we should secure it.
Earth deserves to be remembered...


You know that all living needs fresh air to breath. To have fresh air, we all need to protect the nature. I guess that some of you hear about the various forms of pollution (Pollution is the description of contaminants into the nature that cause adverse change) and read about it on the internet. Air pollution is one such form that refers to the contamination of the air, irrespective of indoor or outside. Pollution could be known as the biological, physical or chemical alteration to the atmosphere.( Generally any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere that has damaging effects on living things) It could include any harmful gas, dust or smoke, because of that, animals, plants and humans’ life gets harder. Smogs hanging over the cities is the most familiar form of air pollution.


When we think about pollution, we tend to think it’s a problem that humans cause through ignorance or stupidity. (And that's certainly true -sometimes-) However, it's important to remember that some types of pollution are produced naturally. Erupting volcanos are just an example for “Natural Air Pollution.”

by: Melis ALSAN


1: “What is Air Pollution?”

2: “Air Pollution”

3: “Air Pollution” explainthatstuff.cok.WEB.05.03.2017

4: “Air Pollution: Everything you Need To Know”

5: “Air Pollution”


Did you ever wondered why this wonderful world is dying? It is dying because our land is getting polluted, tons of chemicals and garbage is left there to dissolve by its own and of course by Earth… But not a single person thinks about what that waste is going to do to the soil. It makes the land lose productivity. The plants that grow by that soil is going to either taste different and it'll be weak or it'll taste different and it will harm your health. Think this way, the chemicals get into the soil, we plant seeds into that soil. All the benefits and defects of the soil gets into the plant, however, we eat that plant. All the waste that comes out of houses and factories end up in our body.


Now, don't get all worried. There are ways to save our beautiful planet, like donating to a fund which works to protect the Earth from land pollution or warning people around us. Scientists are trying to find another planet we can live but it’s not guaranteed. First things first, we need to save the planet that hosts us.

By Ceren DOLU


1: “Land Pollution”

2: “What Is Land Pollution?”


At the summer time everyone loves swimming in the sea maybe lake but the point is that we have betrayed our future by polluting our world. Everyday someone throw a plastic bottle or a newspaper into the sea and that causes water pollution. Water pollution happens when any toxin is thrown into the lakes, rivers, ponds, seas and the oceans. Even though this is horrible as a worse fact the water that has been polluted can seep through and go to the underground water sources that can come out of our showers or sinks and the water we use in daily activities including drinking water and our human body can not live without water so people should be careful about polluting our water. Water can get polluted in all kinds of different ways one of them (the one we use the most) is the garbage of our town or city that is carelessly thrown in water. This shows that all of these horrible actions should be warned and stopped so that our future could be a better place.



1: "Water Pollution?"

Nature is getting polluted and we must protect it...


Do you just throw your garbage to the trash bin? Well, if you do, you're wrong. Everything you use can be recycled and reused. Did you ever saw four different types of recycling bins together? I think you did. That's because there are four different recycling processes. The first, blue one is for paper, the second, green one stands for glass, third and the yellow one represents metal and the last and most common, red recycling bin is for plastic. Every single item you use is made of either paper, glass, metal or plastic. Maybe the object you use could've been recycled and made from someone else's waste. There are different factories for different recycling processes.


You are probably wondering why there's different factories, not just one. Well, there are factories that is the same company, you may consider that as one factory too. Although that "one factory" has sections for each paper, glass, metal and plastic. Since the items are different from each other they are sent to different factories to be worked by different processes.


Earth doesn't have factories of course. It recycles all on its own by time. I mean faltering trees, rotten leaves or maybe even animal manure.

By: Ceren DOLU and Melis ALSAN


1: "Recycling Matter"

Everything can be reused...


What happens to our batteries when they're fully used. Well, we throw them right into the trash bin don't thinking what it would do to the nature with the mixed chemicals inside. Batteries are basically containers that holds chemicals which create energy when used. Unlike the other items or matters batteries cannot be reused and recycled but there are stations that can fully break down batteries to mean no harm to the nature. Still, if you do not put your batteries into the battery bins it will kill and harm the nature very bad.


People don't know that even though we use it all the time batteries are not much necessary. Since we have electricity, power banks and even solar panels we really don't need them. Some people want batteries 'cause it became a part of our life and some might find it hard to give up. If you want to use batteries please to save nature from chemical disasters put these harmful little cylinders where they belong... Battery bins.

By: Ceren DOLU and Melis ALSAN


1: "Power System: What Are Batteries?"

Do not let nature down...
Be A Guardian Of Nature

Thank you for helping save nature

We are all thankful that you have read this magazine. We hope that this way a lot of you guys learned about pollution and how we should stop it. We also hoped you guys have learned the importance of recycling because a brighter past is a brighter future. This leads us to ask to help us community by warning them. One person’s sound might not change everything but if no one speaks up and tries to stop the pollution on Earth and make it a better place, it will never, we mean never happen. So try your best to warn people, tell them the truth and what might happen so that people don't live in lies. Again, thanks for reading our magazine about nature and awareness in life against the environment.


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