The Monkey's Paw By: Ellen cooper

This paw could grant you 3 wishes. How bad could it be? If you want something and you make that wish will you get what you want? The paw holds acoerce. Yeah if you make a wish it will come true, but in the way you want it to? Be careful what you wish for.
A family of three came across the monkeys paw. A friend of the father told them best not to mess with, but they did. They tried just a simple wish. They wished for two pounds. But was that good enough? Remember careful what you wish for.
The whites learned the hard way. They wished for two pounds and they received the two ponds. But not in the way they wanted. To receive the money they lost there son. After there wish they realized the paw was not a gift it was a coerce.

In the story of the monkeys paw gives you something to take with you. One point you can take is careful what you wish for. You realize sometimes things you want aren't as important as the things or people you care about.


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