By Abigaƫlle Prique

The Climate

The Florida's climate is tropical. The temperature varies around 38 degrees celsius in summer and in winter, the climate varies around 4 to -7 degrees celsius depend of the place in the state.

The temperature's record is 43 degrees celsius on June 29, 1931. The coldest record is -19 degrees celsius on Fabuary 13, 1899.

The Population

In 2016, the Florida's population was estimate to 20, 612, 439 millions persons.

In 2010, illegals immigrants constituted approximately 5.7% of the Florida's population.


In 2017, the tourism, industry, construction, aerospace and defense, international banking are the principales thing who make the Florida's economy.

Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World Resort is the biggest attraction park of the Walt Disney Company. We can find four thematic park and two aquatic park.

The park open in october 1re, 1971. The fisrt park who are create is the Magic Kingdoms. The Disney's park are in Orlando. The park's area are bigger than two times the Manhattan's island.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The complex was create in 1959. This is a american space launch. The owner of the center is the NASA. Since 1966, the tourists can go in the center for visiting.


Everglades is a very popular natural park. The park was in south Florida. In the Everglades, we can see a lot of crocrodiles. We can also see indiens who live in the park.


The Keys was a rally of 1 700 islands. The Keys's population is 79 535 persons. The islands are older than 10 millions years.

Key Lime Pie

The key lime pie was invented in Florida. Since the first July 2006, the pie was one of the Florida's official symbole.

Orange Juice

The Florida's oranges are very popular in the entire world. Florida is the perfect place for a orange plantation. The sun and the very hot temperatures was exactly what the oranges need. The Florida's population love oranges but they also love orange juice.

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