FEBRUARY 2018 Interview with Faith Benitez

Today's Interview is with Faith Benitez, an Austin Photographer & Real Estate Agent

Faith Benitez Photo By Valerie Aiello at GIFTBOX AUSTIN

Hello Faith! Thanks for joining me today at the GIFTBOX AUSTIN for an interview! Let's Start with a few questions about your professional photography business Faithkb Photography.

- Faith Benitez

1. As a creative, can you tell us about the moment you decided to take your photograph interest and talent to the next level to become a professional photographer?

I have been photographing in some form or fashion for as long as I can remember! As far as getting paid to photograph, I have to give a lot of credit to my husband. He really pushed me to pursue my passion and find ways to cultivate my business. I had been working for a commercial real estate investor, helping to brand the company, design logos and general admin stuffs. Long story short, I was miserable. My husband encouraged me to quit my job and focus on what I love to do. - Faith Benitez
Faith Benitez Photo By Valerie Aiello at GIFTBOX AUSTIN

2. What type of photography projects are your favorite to get hired for?

I love each project for different reasons. I get really excited when I get to photograph a cute home (just the other day I got to photograph an Airbnb home for the owner/host. It was the most darling little space with it’s decor, furniture and lighting. So, to get to photograph the space, and highlight the details was so much fun). But then, I get really excited when I get to photograph a family- it’s so much fun to play with the dynamics of the group, and capture that on film. And getting to delve into the personalities is just so much fun; I’ve been told on multiple occasion that the images I capture show a real connection between me and my subjects. Coaxing expressions is a talent, and I love cultivating that. And, then, getting to photograph portraits of individuals is amazing too! I love getting creative with lighting, expression and framing to tell a story, be it a professional headshot or for fun. Product photography is fun too. My point is, as long as I’m behind my camera, I’m having a great time! - Faith Benitez
- Faith Benitez

3. What is the best way to find connect with you online to book a photography session?

Best way to connect for booking and inquiries is my website: www.faithkbphotography.com (all my socials are linked there too) - Faith Benitez
Faith Benitez Photo By Valerie Aiello at GIFTBOX AUSTIN

4. So, it's interesting that you are also a real estate agent right here in Austin. What made you decide to get your real estate license? Was real estate something you had a passion for?

I am a real estate agent, too! I got into real estate by accident really. My first job in the industry was after I moved back into town, and needed a job pronto. I responded to a job listing that didn’t advertise the company, and got a call for an interview. I didn’t know it was a real estate company until I stepped off the elevator! I was hired on the spot as an office administrator. I eventually branched off with a couple individual agents and got my own license. I worked under a great agent, learning the business inside and out. We ran a cozy operation. It took me a little while, but I finally worked up the courage to branch off on my own. I haven’t looked back! - Faith Benitez
- Faith Benitez

5. What's your favorite thing to do, help people find a new house to buy, or help people sell their current property?

I like doing both! Getting to help someone find a new house to call home is a lot of fun, I get to help people figure out what their dream home looks like, and then find it. And, then on the other side, getting to help sell a property is fun, because I get to market the house (photograph, write advertisements, etc) and then negotiate the best price for the seller. - Faith Benitez
- Faith Benitez

6. I know you have helped people from out-of-town find a new apartment by simply using video chat. Would you say you have some success helping people find a new home in Austin remotely? How does it usually work?

Yep. Technology is amazing. FaceTime is a great tool, even for clients that are in town. (Say a house comes on market, and I just know it is going to be under contract fast, time becomes “of the essence.” If my clients can’t get off work, or life just prevents them from getting to the house, I get over there and either film a video walkthru or FaceTime with them). - Faith Benitez
Faith Benitez Photo By Valerie Aiello at GIFTBOX AUSTIN

7. Where can someone find you online if they would like some Austin real estate help or advice?

My Facebook page! www.facebook.com/faithkbrealestate
- Faith Benitez

8. What is it like to have two professional careers and revenue streams?

Sometimes I feel like a crazy person! When I first started working both, I had to learn time management. I was booking myself too thin - my personality is one to always say “yes” and that was just not working for my sanity! It was just one of those things I had to learn the hard way. Needless to say, I’ve gotten better at managing my books. An organized calendar is something I could not live without. - Faith Benitez
- Faith Benitez

10. What are your current favorite social platforms for your business? Where can we follow you?

My favorite social platform is Instagram. Hands down. I mean, coming from a photographer… Instagram has always been my go-to for social media. I love looking at photos, and engaging with photos. And, I’m finally getting the hang of using stories. You can follow along with my shenanigans at @faithkbphotography and @faithkb. If you’re a facebooker, you can find me at www.facebook.com/faithkbphotography and www.facebook.com/faithkbrealestate - Faith Benitez
Faith Benitez Photo By Valerie Aiello at GIFTBOX AUSTIN
Valerie Aiello at the GIFTBOX AUSTIN

Thank You for taking the time to read this Interview!

If you would like to contact Valerie Aiello: please email her here: valerieaiello@gmail.com Valerie Aiello - Owner of GIFTBOX AUSTIN

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