Left to Tell book report By: alex ryan

Left to tell is Immaculée Ilibagiza's memoir about her ordeal surviving the Rwandan Genocide. In the first third of the book, Immaculée describes to us her life before the genocide. Next, in the second part of the book, Immaculée tells of how she survived the genocide and the mental and spiritual effects it had on her. In the last third of the the book, she tells of her life after the genocide and how she put her life back together.

Theme one: Faith

The first theme that stood out to me from the book is faith. For two reasons,

1. She hears from God that, "Faith moves mountains, if faith were easy the all the mountains would be gone." on page 131

2. While in the bathroom, she found a place to call her own; a small corner of her heart. When she went there, she touched the source of her faith and strengthened the core of her soul. on page 95.

Theme 2: Loss

The second theme that I thought of is loss. My two reasons are:

1. When she has the dream with Jesus on page 111, he says, "When you leave this room, you will find that almost everyone you know and love is dead and gone."

2. On page 151 she reads her older brother's (Damascene's) last words to her in the form of a letter.

Theme Three: Forgiveness

The third and last theme I chose war Forgiveness because,

1. She learns from God to forgive the killers on page 94.

2. On the last page of the book, page 204, she forgives the man who killed her family.

Two things I take from this book:

1. We must have faith in God in the face of our loses

2. We have to forgive those who hurt us and our loved ones.

Final thoughts:

My final thoughts on this book are that we have to push forward and keep on living even in the face of great loss. We have to trust in God to take care of us and forgive all of those responsible for our pains.


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