Jacques Cartier Born in December 31, 1491 Saint Malo, Brittany, France


Cartier was born in this manor house in Saint - Malo France.

Cartier first left France in April 20, 1534. His purpose for going out to explore was to find more gold and luxuries by trading. He was quite a rich man at his time.

He probably was as rich as this in his time. He could afford what were described as untold riches in the olden times.


This is the route that he explored.

The Gulf of St. Lawrence

Lots of people in Cartier's crew had to deal with diseases, smelly decks, and even the food that they had to eat was infested with maggots and other bugs.


Jacques Cartier was a friend of Christopher Columbus and assisted him as he sailed around the world. He was also known for being ColumbusĀ“s friend. Sadly, he died on September 1, 1557 at the age of 65.

I, Christopher Columbus thought that Cartier was a very skilled shipmate, and the king and queen rewarded him handsomely. Columbus let Cartier come on his journey across the world with him.

I think that Jacques Cartier was a very curious explorer if he could explore the whole Gulf of St. Lawrence and around the tip of Newfoundland in only 20 days!

Cartier was a famous and amazing explorer. He is remebered my many people including Canadians and the Canadians will always respect him for naming Canada.

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