Ocean Cafe By: Oscar, Frankie, and Briana 5A

MATERIALS: wood, glass, canvas, paint, chalk, markers, chalk board, tiles (light up) = transparent,

Budget: $230,000.00

Description: The Ocean Cafe will be a public art because it will be a place where people could hang out and feel connected to the sea and its beautiful features.

Location: Avila Beach

On the seashore away from the water so it doesn't get ruined.

The money divided up into the cost of the materials we need.
Final sketch

This will help the community by bringing friends together and families, by having fun and learning things that they didn't know. Our "Ocean Cafe" will help by giving teens a place where to hang out and make memories.👍


Created with images by juliejordanscott - "Exploring Avila Beach" • penciledin - "Christmas eve in Avila Beach" • wenthevegan - "Avila Beach" • puliarf - "Avila Beach Tribes" • juliejordanscott - "Exploring Avila Beach"

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