Emmitt Smith's journey of life by Blake Simpson

His parents later said''that they always new he was goin to be a star.''

Emmitt Smith's Childhood

Emmitt smith has been growing up with football.Watching it with eyes wide as an infant.He was always strong that the rest his grade.In high school playing football he led the Escabia Gators to for state championships breaking there 27 year losing streak.

college for emmit

Emmitt was playing college for the Florida gators.He was making over 100 yards also each and every game.In which he broke 52 records of the whole college in only three years ,which led him to allow himself eligible for the NFL draft .


Emmitt Smith was drafted in to the NFL by the Dallas Cowboys.Just like college his games were a success.Making rookie of the year he was going to win three super bowl out of his 13 seasons of playing in the NFL.He was on his way to accomplish a lot more than he thought of.


  • Emmitt has had many accomplishments,but as team they have one three Superbowl championships.One his own Emmitt had broken 52 records of the florid Gators such as the Heisman trophy.Also countless awards from the NFL but a couple are he had the record of the most rushing yards in the NFL to this day ,and his other one is that he was drafted into the NFL hall of fame

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