content strategy and roadmap


Are you in a position where you think an e-book, or possibly a white paper, or even just a series of blog posts would help with leads or website traffic? You’re not really sure what would work the best, or even what these things are technically called these days, but you do know it needs to be high quality, original content, and it needs to be something your target audience will find valuable.

Producing high-quality original content is a worthwhile investment, but in some cases it’s important to take a small step back and consider where you are starting from and where you want to go.

Do you have a full funnel, but your sales team is having trouble closing deals? Do your customers love you, but you don’t have enough of them? Are you well known in your current industry, but looking to expand into an area where people are not familiar with your company? Your answer to questions like these will determine what type of content you need.

But here’s the kicker. Sometimes you already have exactly what you need. You just need to update it, repurpose it, and promote it. Image that.

When you are in this position it's very helpful to have a Content Roadmap to inform your strategy and show you how to execute that strategy effectively.

This engagement has three components.

Step 1 - Discovery

This is a one to two-hour phone call or in person meeting where we get to know your business better. That’s right, WE. My clients often learn a lot during these sessions as well. I want to know your company goals, your marketing goals, what you’re doing to accomplish those goals, and where you are stuck. I want to know how well you understand your customer. We’ll discuss where your team’s strengths lie and what content and platforms are working well for you, and some other key questions.

Step 2 - Research and Audit

This is where I snoop through your content and talk to your sales team. I’m going to find out, from their perspective, what is missing and also pick their brains about your customer. I will evaluate what your competition is doing. Not so that you can copy them, but so you can do things differently!

Step 3 - Assessment and Recommendations

We get back on the phone and I present to you my assessment and recommendations for one year's worth of content. I will show you what you have, what you need, and how exactly to get it all done.

You can take this information and do the work in house, give it to a marketing agency, give it to other freelance writers, hire me to execute it some of it, or a mix of all of the above. The important thing is, you will have a roadmap of exactly what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

total Investment: Starting at $6400

This whole process takes about a month, starting with that very first call, to my handing over your map to a more confident you. The total time investment on your end is only a few hours. The investment in the roadmap...well, it's less than having a white paper written, formatted, and marketed only to find out it wasn't what your prospects want.

Without a good plan you will go down this same road each time you decide to create another piece of content. You won't be sure if it's the right thing to do.

Manufacturing companies bring consultants/analysts in all the time to evaluate their manufacturing effectiveness through assessments. This is the same thing, but for your content.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Just choose a time on my calendar for a call to discuss.

I believe inspiring your audience to do great things delivers a far better return on investment than any content that is focused on making the sale.

The latter might get you that sale, but the first will lead to renewals, referrals, and loyalty.


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