Downtown Witches Your witches Suck

Boardrooms and Bloodstains…

Silver chalices and silver stilettos…

Bullet holes and Burned Thrones…

Tattoos and Chains…

These Make Up All Things…

What is the worth of a dollar…?

What is the worth of a soul…?

When the Downtown Witches are In Control…

Circle of Merlin's Causal Office

Downtown Port Town District:

Downtown Port Town is home to 50,000 residents, 40 major attractions, 300 businesses (both occult and non-occult) making them one of the largest district in Port Town. Skyscrapers, skylines, and railways span for miles as everyone tries to find their way around the city both vertically and horizontally.

It is a major metropolitan area that sits right across from Olde Town which is divided by Mist Wytch Bay. Everything Downtown is fast pace, always hustling and bustling from sun up to sun down. Everyone has a hustle to grind and money rules everything here. The days are long, and the nights feel even longer. If you don’t watch your step, you’ll be swept up in the chaos of it all.

Blood Pays For It All

But Downtown wasn’t always like this; in fact before it was the “Downtown District” it was originally the Ashwood Grounds which was considered an inhabitable area with powerful lay lines spanning all over. One major connection of lay lines is the Ouroboros Path which encircles all of the Downtown District and empowers most of the magical citizens living here.

Most of the forest that made up Ashwood Grounds have been destroyed and in its place are metal towers that oversees all life Downtown. The only evidence left of the Ashwood Grounds ever existing are the city parks left up and the Mist Wytch Caldron that has been placed in the museum. And all of this was sponsored by the Downtown Witches also known as the Circle of Merlin.

Recreation of Ashwood Grounds

The Roundtable Accords:

1930s - The first (officially) funded exploration into the Ashwood Grounds is considered a success. The exploration was sponsored by the Bellwood family (extinct) who at the time were a thriving family of witches belonging to English royalty and was exiled to the United States. It was during this exploration the discovery of the Ouroboros Path which was considered a folk tale for centuries. This was also the first time that explorers were able to return home without any major setbacks involved.

1940s - The first battle of the grounds were had between the Bellwoods, Belmont, Marquee, Orlov, Uí Néill, and many other families battle for the Ashwood Grounds leading to bloodshed and parts of the grounds torched to the ground. This would also lead to the massacre of the Bellwoods.

1950s – After 10 years of bloodshed the Roundtable Accords were created. The Roundtable Accords were created after a diplomatic decent of both Arthur Pendragon (Citation Needed) and Merlin was sent over from Europe to sit all parties down to discuss the ownership of the Ashwood Grounds. It was there that they drew up the Roundtable Accords which states that:

“All parties of [European] royal blood and magical lineage had equal rights to the Ashwood Grounds.”

“No bloodshed will be had between any parties of the Roundtable Accords.”

“All parties of the Roundtable Accords must co-exist as one united force [coven].”

The Circle of Merlin is formed.

1960s- The Ashwood Grounds is slowly transformed into Downtown Port Town as construction goes underway. 400 acres of land is turned into businesses and homes overnight.

1970s- The accords are amended to allow all royal families to become part of the Roundtable Accords.

[Amendment: All parties of [[High]] royal blood and magical lineage had equal rights to the Ashwood Grounds]

1980s – The bid for Olde Towne Port Town is turned down. Old Families hold the final vote as they turn down the offer to merge the district with Downtown and also sell off most of their land.

The House of Blessed Virtues

Downtown Witches

Downtown witches are the decedents of Royalty around the world. Some of them are the illegitimate bastards of some high priest or priestess. And others are the sons and daughters of gangsters leaving a bloody trail in their path. What they have in common is that they all want to rule the world whether that is beloved by their community or feared with an iron bullet attached. They have their hands in everything from commerce, politics, and even secrets. They know everything going on in their district and yours.

The magic they practice focuses on control. All of it is blood magic, puppetry, and spirits. So don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of necromancers in business suits laughing on their way to lunch. They also are a collective force of international magic so Western, Eastern, African, and South Pacific royal families are welcomed.

But a major staple practice they have is Bounded Summoning Magic (BSM). BSM involves forcing a supernatural creature or spirit into a pact with a caster and binding them to the caster physically through blood and tattoos. They then draw their magic and powers from these bound creatures. So if you’re wondering why these Royal Witches are tattooed up, it’s because they have a familiar chained to them. It’s a more brutal process then described here, but that’s the gist of it.

Many have protested the practice as it goes against many of the international protections put in place for Familiars. The Downtown Witches circumvent the accords due to the nature of the creatures bound to them. Familiars are normally spirits of deceased witches or spirits found in nature that make a coexisting pact with a witch that results in many having a witch mark. Downtown Witches don’t have to worry about this because their Familiars range from Orcs to Werewolves to even Vampyres (none of which have any protections).

And most fear the wrath of The Circle of Merlin to question otherwise.

Hall of Decadance

The Circle of Merlin

The Circle of Merlin sees to everything in Downtown Port Town. From the legitimate businesses like stock brokering and tech industries to the illegitimate businesses like drug trafficking, soul stealing, organ harvesting, and black market arms dealing. They make sure that every I is dotted and every T is crossed, especially on a contract that will make them thrive.

Every member of The Circle of Merlin signs a blood oath that reads "Blood Pays for It All..." which means that you must get your hands dirty and shed so blood and toil to be a part of this coven. Instead of one head of The Circle of Merlin, multiple individuals of the ruling families are put in place as heads of the Downtown witches. Their job is to make sure that nothing is out of place and any opposition is put down at all cost.

All decisions are put to a vote called "Black Veil Vote." Members send a veiled individual (formerly a veiled maiden) to cast a vote. If a unanimous decision wasn't reached, the the veiled individual was sent back to their respected party again for their vote.

Veiled individuals are allowed to be sent back three times, if they aren't sent back with a unanimous vote, the sitting veiled individuals are sent away or "sacrificed" (they used to be used for blood sacrifices before new international laws forbid the practice) and a new sitting group is sent hopefully with a unanimous vote. If the proceedings are being held up by one family member then that veiled individual is "sacrificed" and the vote is decided.

Every member of The Circle of Merlin donates a portion of their earnings back to the District whether it's money from a legacy donation, drug money from a pharmaceutical company, a blood contract which owns a politician's soul, or a harem of Oni if you own it then The Circle of Merlin owns it.

Current Heads of the Circle of Merlin
Crimson Hunters Armory

Crimson Hunters

They also donate a portion of their labor to their special forces known as The Crimson Hunters. Originally as a private security group, this special group of witches tackle all the supernatural issues that happen around Downtown Port Towne and have been recently expanding their reach to the other districts much to the other districts chagrin. They are specialist in combat magic and don’t mind taking on anyone who questions them.

From Guns to Fire Magic to Blood Magic the Crimson Hunters destroy everything in their wake. However, they are only sent out under the most extreme conditions and can only act within the Circle of Merlin's decisions and the Humanitarian act of 1985 at least that's what we've been told.

The Circle of Merlin Look

Recently there have been talks of conflicts between the Downtown Witches and Olde Towne Witches over a portion of the Olde Towne district’s lay lines. And from the looks of things it might end in chaos.

Created By
Marcus Cross


Created with images by Axel Houmadi - "La haut" • Patrick McConahay - "Ball Hill Footpath, Okehampton" • SIMON GEHRIG photography - "Forrest" • Yousef Espanioly - "Utopia" • Jonas B - "Forrest" • Diana Simumpande - "untitled image" • Tristan Gassert - "untitled image"

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