Deer Creek Height Ranch (home of Buck Brand Citrus) is a family owned ranch in Porterville, CA.

culinary specialty citrus

BUDDHA'S HAND (code 42050) - minimal juice or flesh, used for zesting, for baking or can be candied
MARMALADE ORANGE (code 42073) - also known as a "Bitter Orange", ideal for making marmalade jams, often used for their essential oils
MEYER LEMONS (code 44017) - much sweeter than a normal lemon, smooth skin, great for zesting, ultimate culinary lemon
SWEET LIME/PALESTINE LIME (code 43664) - very low in citric acid, skin is very smooth & thin
YUZU LEMON (code 44008) - looks similar to a grapefruit, aromatic rind, minimal sour, tart juice
T'ORANGE LEMON (code 44013) - flavor is similar to a lemon, but with less bitterness, used it jams and marmalades
VARIEGATED PINK LEMON (code 45357) - flesh is pink & rind is thin, tart & acidic
LIMEQUAT (code 44025) - acidic flavor, rind is sweet like a kumquat
CENTENNIAL KUMQUAT (code 43181) - round to oval neck, moderate acidity, juicy, sweet-tasting peel oil
MAKRUT LIME (code 44231) - used for zesting, intensely tart with earthy and floral notes
KEY LIMES (code 44078) - small-sized lime, very juicy, aromatic flesh, used for zesting & baking
FINGER LIME (code 42055) - only 2-3 inches long, acidic & tasty like limes, "Citrus Caviar"


ALGERIAN CLEMENTINE (code 42051) - small size, easy-to-peel, also known as Clementine Tangerine, sweetest in the mandarin family
SATSUMA MANDARIN (code 42057) - easy-to-peel, sweet, seedless, & low in acid
LEE MANDARINS (code 42064) - more like a tangerine than a clementine, rich taste, extremely juicy, very high sugar, & seeded
MINNEOLA TANGELO (code 42062) - cross between a tangerine and grapefruit, sweet orange flavor with tang of a tangerine
FALL GLO TANGERINE (code 44039) - flat shaped, thin skin, juicy, orange flesh, seeded, good flavor
FAIRCHILD TANGERINE (code 42056) - medium-sized fruit, very sweet variety, juicy, but has seeds
WASHINGTON NAVEL ORANGE (code 44410) - no seeds, bright orange skin, balance of sweetness and acidity, very juicy
CARA CARA NAVEL ORANGE (code 42061) - pink flesh, sweetness balanced by a mild strawberry to cranberry like finish
LOU LOU NAVEL ORANGE (code 42065) - characteristically lower in acide, sweeter than other navel varieties
MORO BLOOD ORANGE (code 42063) - striped-red-orange to dark burgundy flesh, seedless, taste is reminiscent of raspberries, plums, and pomegranates
MANGO ORANGE (code 44411) - delicate, sweet flavor with a vanilla finish, pink ring around flesh
STAR RUBY GRAPEFRUIT (code 42059) - deep scarlet color flesh, pink/yellow/sometimes green outside
LEMONADE LEMON (code 42060) - cross of a lemon & navel orange, sweet with lemon-like flavor, low acid, enough to eat wedges
MANDARINQUAT (code 44085) - cross between a kumquat & a mandarin, tart, gold flesh
NAGAMI KUMQUAT (code 42074) - oval shaped, sweet peel and tart flesh
MEIWA KUMQUAT (code 42075) - mostly round, both flesh and skin are sweet
MELOGOLD GRAPEFRUIT (code 42069) - cross between a pummelo & a grapefruit, low in acid, very sweet, deep yellow color, very juicy
ORO BLANCO GRAPEFRUIT (code 42068) - cross between a pummelo & a grapefruit, flesh is yellow/white, very sweet, very juicy, and low in acid
RED GLOBE PUMMELO (code 42071) - thin skin, sweet flavor, and medium juicy, very low acid, and pink flesh
AFRICAN SHADDOCK PUMMELO (code 42052) - very meaty and has a very complex flavor, very pleasant, subtle flavor
TDE TRIPLE CROSS MANDARIN (code 42067) - cross of a Temple tangor, a Dancy mandarin, and an Encore mandarin, deep orange rind color, very sweet and rich flavor
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